Sunday, October 5, 2014

Some Rain….Some Sunshine

It was just like the weather wanted to keep me in my chair to enjoy my house.
DSC_0044But then about mid-afternoon the rain stopped and out came the sun. A little walk and then I decided to mount the roof rack for our solar panel on the van. Of course, most of my tools are in Alberta so I needed to go and borrow some.  But it all worked out.

Have to do some packing and a few phone calls to make, also redirect our mail and we will be ready to hit the road on Tuesday.


  1. I love that last sentence that says "we" will be ready to hit the road.

  2. As long as you get that sunshine with the rain, it's not so bad. Enjoy the trip together.

  3. So happy for you two to get on the road again TWOgether!
    Connie & Barry in PA


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