Friday, October 3, 2014

I Am One Big Happy

Do you remember how you felt as a kid at Christmas?
That’s about how I felt today when I woke up to the bluest of all Canadian skies. It took a while until my brain realized I WAS HOME. There was the ultimate quiet outside. No big-city hum and not trucks thundering over any overpass.

Admittedly I had slept almost 12 hours and I needed that moment of realization that indeed I was NOT in my trailer. Molly had already walked down the stairs and was waiting in front of the kitchen door to be let out for her morning business.

A nice breakfast and I was ready to “break the bank”.  First enjoyment of the day was a walk-about with Molly. Ah…here it was - unpolluted  fresh air from the ocean. Shortly before lunch we went through the border to pick up some groceries in Lubec, ME and a bread from Martha’s Home Bakery. I hadn’t seen Martha since last summer and she was due to receive a big hug from me. What a delight to see her again and buy her delicious bakery products. But before we could go there we had to kill half an hour as Martha doesn’t open her door before 11 EDT. So we went to the INN AT THE WHARF and ordered a super delicious fish chowder made from haddock and real cream. I was in heaven!
When we finally got back home again we just enjoyed the afternoon sun which was just so nice. In fact it got so warm that long pants became too warm.
DSC_0006 DSC_0034
And since the weather is gonna change tomorrow, I had myself another walk with Molly along the famous (and deserted) Herring Cove Beach. Was I feeling like a Happy Guy? You bet I did!
DSC_0011 DSC_0009
I think it is a healthy experience to spend time in a totally different place before one comes home again. I can sure re-appreciate my beautiful home place.
DSC_0037                                         The last rose

Thanks for coming by!


  1. You look mighty happy sitting on the porch in the sun!! Enjoy every minute!!

  2. It looks like you're really enjoying that vacation. I hope you do.

  3. As much as it's fun to be away, it's always better to be back home.

  4. Enjoy your time there and hopefully you will have more nice weather.

  5. I completely understand you my friend,we just landed at home after 4 months in MO-AR-OK and CO where we stored the rig.
    It is nice to be home and see the family,but I am already looking forward to our next trip......regards


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