Monday, October 20, 2014

A Last Dash Of Summer

It’s unseasonably warm in Alberta and especially in Edmonton. So having the day off we wanted to make the most of it and after doing a few errands in Spruce Grove we drove down to Devon to do a little river-side stroll. We got ourselves some lunch at the local grocer and headed down to the North Saskatchewan River.
DSC_0679It is really hard to believe that the date was October 20. Initially, I had thrown over my warm jacket but it got way too warm in it. Here, deep in the river gorge, the warmth was kind of trapped and created an oven-like effect. DSC_0682Of course fall colors are long gone and the trees way up on the top of the cliffs are standing bare.  An angler was coming down-river in his river boat and a single guy was hanging out here with his dog. Molly enjoyed the nice walk as well. It is truly a very beautiful spot.
DSC_0684 DSC_0685
And a little update on us finding a place to live in this city.
It seems that 80% of all rentals are to be pet-free. And those which accepts pets are either for small pets only or they have 1 year lease conditions only. Or they are beyond reasonable financial means.
So for now we have decided that we will try a full-service RV-Park. For the fee they charge we could rent a nice home in New Brunswick. But we are in high-priced Alberta and have to deal with it. We will build a skirting around the trailer and put a heating lamp underneath to keep the trailer from freezing. The park has nice washrooms and even a store. And they are friendly behind the counter, which means a lot to us.


  1. Wondering if you've found a place to live yet ?

    1. No, Denise, we haven't. Molly is the problem as no one accepts pets.

    2. Peter, Thought I had your e-mail address but can't find it ?? My Cousin just got back to me with this message:

      " I will ask around...lots of people around here head to Arizona. Can't think of anyone off the top of my head right now but I will put it out there!"

  2. Good luck with finding suitable accommodation for the cold winter months.

  3. HOw many months do u need, having trouble sellling Dad's condo


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