Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Looong Day On The Road (888km or 555miles)

I don’t know why I woke up a quarter to five but it sure was still dark, minus the moon still keeping an eye out. Trying to sleep again was fruitless so instead of tossing myself around I got up, made some coffee. It was the beginning of a long day.

We were ready at 7:45am and the key locked the door for the last time for the next 7-8months. Sky was clear and when we headed out daylight had arrived on this nearly easternmost point of the country. In fact Lubec is the easternmost point in the U.S. So allow me to use this term for Campobello as well, even though it is not part of the U.S.
DSC_0132                  Lubec in first light and approaching the top of the bridge
DSC_0139DSC_0141                    The Narrows and (down under) morning fog

Our ride down coastal Maine HWY# 1 was nothing short of gorgeous. I had problems keeping m eyes on the road as the fall colors were in their peak season with trees flashing wildly in red, orange and yellow.
DSC_0145 DSC_0159DSC_0164
South of Bangor, it soon started to change as a bank of dark clouds was moving up from the south, with us heading right into it. Most of the day stayed that way but we did have mother sol come out a few times. A few rain drops of small showers were no problem either and we swiftly made our way through Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Traffic of course……well you what I think about it. It just boggles my mind again and again. Why is everyone piling into ONE small area?
We drove into New York State and it started to get darker. So Bea found a Super8 Motel in  a place called Maybrook. It is right close to I-84. But we soon realized we should’ve stayed in Danbury at the Super8. First of all the quality was much better, and secondly they were about 20bucks cheaper. But I have heard it before: Don’t stay overnight in New York State. Taxes are high and quality low.

But at least we were referred to a local Diner in town which turned out to have some very good food. Bea had a Greek Pizza which she only manged to eat a part of and I had a Greek Chicken Gyro on a pita, served with fries and washed down with a beer. Good and reasonably priced is the verdict. That’s how we like it.

And now……? We are done for the day. Bea slept the second she hit the pillow, while I was still doing the “duty” ……the blog.


  1. Are you heading west on Route 80 by any chance on Wednesday? Maybrook is about 3 hours from the Lewisburg exit on 80. There is a restaurant called Country Cupboard that has a great lunch buffet a few miles south of the Lewisburg exit. Also, a Walmart near there. We will be on 80 heading east to our granddaughter's college soccer game at Bloomsburg tomorrow afternoon. Maybe we'll pass you! Safe travels!
    Connie & Barry in PA

    1. Yes, most likely you will be passing us. And thanks for the restaurant tip.

  2. You're welcome! It's not just a restaurant but has neat shops inside. There's a visitors center beside the Country Cupboard. It's also a great place to overnight in the Lewisburg area when traveling thru. There is a Walmart nearby and there are often RV's there. Also other restaurants, motels, and gas stations.

  3. Hope the weather turns out better for you guys than it did for us heading west. Today we point our nose south:))

  4. Looks like you're heading through some beautiful scenery too.

  5. The fall colours are gorgeous for sure ! I'll be on the road in a few days and hoping to see at least a little bit of it.

    But I could never drive that distance in one day. I think that would take me about 3 days !! LOL I do tire easily.


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