Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Day In Pike Lake Prov. Park

Our friend Carol lives in Pike Lake Provincial Park. Her house is right beside of the lake. After a quiet night Sunday dawned with a clear sky and after breakfast we all took a nice walk along the lake. While many trees are already standing bare, some are still showing off in the full splendor of fall colours.
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Pike Lake Provincial Park is 20 minutes from Saskatoon and yet a “million miles” from the city.DSC_0536DSC_0538

Pike Lake is a recreation park characterized by aspen, poplar and Manitoba maple groves; manicured lawns with two picnic areas close to the main beach; desert-like sand dunes a short hike away and a popular outdoor pool with a waterslide.  Add to this a diverse array of plants and wildlife owing to its location on a flood plain of the South Saskatchewan River.

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An Oxbow is a shallow body of water that's called an "oxbow" - it's a loop of the South Saskatchewan River that became cut off from the main channel.  A barrier-free trail that starts at the main beach and runs southward to the creek that feeds the lake includes observation decks that provide a good view of the aquatic life and waterfowl in the vicinity. 

DSC_0544A 1.5-km nature trail that begins at the interpretive center, meanwhile, provides a fine opportunity to experience the surprisingly diverse ecosystems contained within this small park. During summer months many, many people bring their campers and motor homes to spend time out here.

Thanks again for dropping by.

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