Saturday, October 4, 2014

Precious Days

Sometimes we have the wish to preserve the days for ever. That is when we are exceedingly happy and content. It is just that what I would like to do right now. A great big peace seems to have settled in me. Walks through the beautiful forests of the Roosevelt Park, views across the wide waters of the Bay of Fundy, the splash of waves rolling ashore, a last songbird singing his melody.
Bea’s garden is still showing flowers and we are indulging in a rich fish stew, prepared from garden vegetables topped with sour cream, completed with a California white wine….
Most of the summer visitors have left this blessed island, but friends are dropping by to say hello. What a great pleasure to see everyone healthy and well. God, what great love I feel towards this place.
DSC_0104 2
I was surprised that I slept until 8:30am today. That is not me on a normal day, but the quiet Saturday morning and a grey sky might have been contributing. Yes, we had a drizzle which subsided throughout the day. But that’s part of coastal living, and it makes me appreciate the sunny days even more.
DSC_0088 3
You may say “you appreciate all this because you are now at the age of 62”, but I have to tell you that I always have appreciated and preferred a quiet country life versus the huzzle-buzzle of any big city. I think I was born like that.
You may offer any world-class entertainment in a big city, and I would thank you no and trade that against a walk in a beautiful natural area – like Campobello.

But I’m bragging… gotta come yourself and see.


  1. Love country living too. Really can't beat it.

  2. It certainly looks like a bit of paradise to me. I love the quiet moments mirrored in a quiet place. It brings such a feeling if serenity and peace to my ember being. Enjoy every single second!

  3. I hope that one day we do get to travel out to the Maritimes and visit all the wonderful places we've heard about and seen in blog photos. For sure, Campobello would be at the top of our list.

  4. Lovely photos, Peter, so glad you are home! makes me want to come back and visit again!


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