Sunday, October 12, 2014

Leaving The U.S of A. (763km or 477miles)

After a delightful rest and breakfast with our friends it was time to head on north.
DSC_0378                  Minot, ND – a city of Scandinavian Heritage with a    Norwegian built Stave Church in the center
From Underwood to Minot it is 50 miles and we had to cover another 80 miles before being at the border. The CBSA officer asked the common questions which we answered truthfully and then we were on our way into Saskatchewan.
DSC_0383 DSC_0382
If you ever want to see absolutely flat country you should be heading over here to Saskatchewan. The grain fields are stretching to the horizon and way, way out you might see a house or a farm. I imagine what life would be out here on a wintry day with a howling blizzard pounding across the open landscape.
DSC_0385                     Strong winds have blown this barn askew
But the prairie has a charm of its own and people who live here would probably never wish to live anywhere else.
We reached Saskatoon at around 6pm, did a shopping round at Wally World and headed out to Pike Lake Prov.Park where our friend Carol lives.
DSC_0413 DSC_0478
DSC_0419 DSC_0421
Bea made a super delicious veggie-soup and Carol had a great Black Forest Cake  for dessert. So what else would we be asking for.
Tomorrow is a full day of rest and I might not have anything to blog about.

Thanks for following us around on this trip from east to west. We sure had some great weather and saw a lot of great scenery.


  1. Sounds great,have a good time , enjoy the weather and the outdoors.

  2. Growing up in eastern Montana I really love those wide open spaces where you can see forever. A day of rest is one of the best things ever. Enjoy.

  3. Nope, Can't say I ever liked the Prairies. But you sure do deserve a day of rest from all that driving. BTW, I drove a whopping 97 miles today !! LOL


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