Friday, October 17, 2014

Back On The Road

After a total of 2 days rest I was back on the roads of Alberta yesterday. The view from behind the wheel has changed a lot since I drove the route on the last day of September. Gone are most of the leaves and with that most of the colours of fall. What’s left is brown, grey and black forests. A morning-grey sky did not help much either to light up the scenery. Fortunately a blue sky re-appeared in the afternoon, which at least let the Lesser Slave Lake shine in a lovely dark blue.

It is remarkable how outside colours are effecting us all in our swinging moods. Think of the colours of spring. Aren’t you all happy and hopeful and eager to get out between those light-green spring-fresh trees? And on a sunny day even the colours of winter let us go outside and admire the contrast between snowy white and a dark blue sky. What really causes colours to glow and shine is the sunlight.

And we can be so enthralled in outside natural colours that we are applying them to our house interiors. I remember photo wallpaper in the seventies.
People put giant fall landscape wallpaper on their walls. And even the automotive industry started to use nature colours on cars.

I once had this moss-green Volkswagen Transporter. You parked that thing in the forest and have a hard time to spot it! Mine didn’t have that white roof though. I still like that colour, but it has disappeared from the paint charts for autos – for now.

And if we first dive into the topic – have you been way up north and seen residences painted in very bright colours?
                                         Houses on Greenland (DK)
It’s been done all along the northern edges of the globe to mitigate the long days of winter. And houses in the Caribbean are often painted in a bright pink or turquoise - an expression of lighter moods of life as can be enjoyed in a beautiful climate.

So enjoy the colours, where ever you are.

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  1. NL houses are very much like that - very bright in colour. Found a place to live yet ?


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