Sunday, October 19, 2014

Are Bus Drivers Prone To Be Attacked?

He was a suspicious guy from the first moment. His speech was sounding intoxicated and even though his brother paid the fare, he should never have been allowed on the bus.

We were just driving into a small town, our second stop this day, when I heard agitated screaming from the last seat. I immediately knew that someone was drunk. When I stopped the bus I walked to the back asking what the problem was. He then started screaming at me what a lousy driver I was and that he had just been in the washroom when I had made a stop (at a red light) and he had fallen off his shaky legs. The guy was maybe 22-24yrs. old and he reeked alcohol a long way. I asked him to leave the bus, which was fine with him as this town was his destination anyway.

Outside he continued screaming at me and started to behave threatening. When I turned to the open baggage compartment to remove a piece of luggage for a lady leaving there as well, he attacked by punching me hard against the bus. I lost my hat, but luckily my eye glasses stayed on my nose. He made several attempts to hit me again but his brother who apparently had stayed sober held him back. Swearing and screaming they finally left around a corner.

What if he had drawn a knife?  This morning we just heard of a stabbing at the Edmonton Transit Station and local residents spoke out about that violent incidents were happening there all the time.

What also comes to mind is the grisly beheading of a fellow passenger on a Canadian Greyhound bus a few years back or the triple murder on an intercity bus in Norway. How dangerous is this job really?

It sure got me thinking.


  1. That doesn't sound good at all. There are times we need eyes in the back of our heads. My brother was a bus driver too. He had some pretty rough stories to tell. Take care and be safe.

  2. Really scary. You need to think safety first especially for yourself. Sure glad his brother was there to haul him away.

  3. There can always be issues when dealing with the public.
    I had worked at the bus depot in Toronto and Kitchener Ontario for 13 years. Back in the 60's and 70's and had a few altercations with intoxicated patrons myself. My father a bus driver for over 30 years had his share as well. Even when I drove a taxi in the 70's an irate passenger pulled a gun on me, kind of a scary situation to be sure, he did not want to pay his fare. You just never know, I don't miss that kind of excitement anymore even though they were fun jobs mostly.
    Be careful and safe.

  4. Good thing you're an even tempered fellow. Be vigilent.

  5. That's a pretty scary story Peter !! If it were me I would have called the Police as soon as the ruckus start in the back of the bus !!

  6. Glad you are ok! Don't turn your back on guys like that!
    Stay safe!


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