Friday, March 8, 2013

Yep, We Got The Rain!

We had expected to hear raindrops clattering on our roof, instead the sun was shining. That was one hour ago at about 7am. But looking west I saw a huge dark sky looming. We would have rain in a short while.

The first clouds showed up yesterday evening

After breakfast I had to make a quick call to Germany as Dad had his 88th birthday today.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!


Dad told me they would be going out and celebrate at “The Mill”.
”Die Mühle” has been our family’s favorite place for meetings at all occasions. The last time I had been present was at mother’s funeral, just a little more than a year ago. They have a nice octagonal room for big celebrations in the part which in earlier time was the mill.

     Hotel+Restaurant “Die Mühle”

By the time I was done with the call I got ready to take Molly out on her morning walk, but in the very same moment I heard the first raindrops hitting our roof. So I took the umbrella and thankfully, Molly was quick to do what she is supposed to every morning. With dogs it is all about routine. The more routine – the more predictable your dog is. Makes life a lot easier!

Have you ever noticed that clouds are looking much darker when the sun is still shining from the opposite side? Once the sun is gone behind the clouds the rain clouds don’t seem so black anymore.
So we are getting rain showers just as predicted in the weather forecast. Besides of settling the dust it will be good to kick the desert bloom into gear.
We don’t mind a day with rain. It is not like we are having our vacations ruined.
The old song “It never rains in southern California” has a lot of truth in it.
1-DSC_0047  1-DSC_0045
So we will be spending the day with reading and a little computing, maybe watch TV for a while.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Raining here in Overton too. I am collecting the rain water drips from the awning.

  2. The rain was nothing to talk about. Lasted about an hour. Some strong wind gusts during the early afternoon, then back to breezy. Nothing spectacular. But it settled the dust.

  3. I think the whole area got a little wind and some rain. It gave us an excuse to stay inside for a change.

  4. nIce for a bit of desert rain to settle the dust for a while. Enjoy your day relaxing inside.


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