Monday, March 25, 2013

With Longjohns And Steaming Coffee cup

It’s getting colder in Arkansas. Yes, that’s right, instead of warming up it is getting colder. We have had some blue sky today which caused the temperature to drop even further. An icy wind blows out of the west reaching at least 30mph. Doggie walks have made me pulling my longjohns out of the closet. Never thought using them again before we were home.
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With low temps our propane is flying out fast, and today we looked around to find a filling station in this town. Propane might not be as cheap as in Yuma, AZ, but gas prices must be at the lowest this Nation has to offer these days. Forrest City has regular gas at 3,19/gallon.

There have been more than usual comments about city parking policies at Walmart locations. Bea has found a very useful website where RVers can check whether overnight parking at Walmart locations is allowed.

If you are into Walmart-Camping save this website. It’s gonna save you extra miles and aggravation.

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If I must specify my point of view once more I will state that City By-Laws should take aim to protect public property and public interest. There is no other reason for having a by-law. If dog owners must have their pets leashed than the reason is to protect citizens from being attacked by wild running dogs.
If parking on public streets is prohibited the reason is avoiding traffic hazards and making street cleaning services easier. All that is of public interest.

When talking about by-laws we shouldn’t confuse them with zoning laws. Zoning has a different purpose and is more focused  on area- and traffic- planning.









Oh my… I shopped until I dropped – at Walmart


When Walmart allows overnight parking on their own properties no such public interest exists. There is no security risk, no traffic hazard – no nothing. Walmart even provides their own mobile security all night long. Additional Security cameras are in use. All that, plus the convenience of being able to do some shopping, makes Walmart parking lots the most popular overnight parking for RV-owners. I could also mention that most Walmart Supercenters have open 24/7 which should make it extremely difficult for any constable to roust an RVer at 3am at night. Afterall he might still be a Walmart customer.

Thanks for shopping at Walmart!



  1. Peter, I still find it hard to believe that you are still maintaining that the only purpose of a city bylaw should be to "to protect public property and public interest" and somehow use that argument to say cities should not regulate Walmart overnight parking.

    In addition to zoning, the government’s authority and responsibility is to protect public health, safety, and welfare through by-laws.

    For instance, in the City of Toronto and many, many other jurisdictions in Canada and the U.S. there are bylaws dictating what kinds of trees an owner can cut down on his won 'Private Property'. Here's Toronto's version:

    City of Toronto By-laws respecting trees and the City's Official Plan provide for the protection of trees situated on both private and City property. Trees on private property having a diameter of 30 cm or greater at 1.4 metres above ground level are subject to protection under City of Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 813, Trees, Article III.

    Cities and towns throughout North America ban overnight parking in Walmart because of the public interest as determined by the local voters who elected them.

    Obviously, what you deem to be in the Public interest is very different from what thousands of cities and towns across North America deem to be in their own public interest.

    In the case of Walmart, I support the local governments and their electors in deciding for themselves, without the help of boondockers, what is in the best interests of their own municipalities.

    IMO, you are taking a very narrow, personal view of this issue. Have a look at the by-laws where you live and you'll be amazed at how many cover Private Property!! It's not just zoning and dogs on leashes. It applies to fence sizes, how close you can build to a neighbour, the type of structures you can build etc. etc. etc.

  2. We occasionally use Walmarts for a quick overnight stay, if its not allowed? We move on, no problem for us, their loss not ours.


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