Monday, March 4, 2013

It Was A Hot Day In The Desert

The only place where we could be yesterday was either in the deep shade of our rig or inside. All windows were covered with aluminum foil against the blistering sun. At 2pm the temps reached 86F (30C) which was the highest temperature so far this winter.

Even though it was mostly cloudy today, temps were reaching about 84F.
We didn’t do much today, mostly reading a book, chatting with neighbors until I found out that it was time to eat out. So we drove to Calexico where we tried a buffet restaurant. They had good food and friendly service, and that’s about all I ask for in a restaurant.
After getting home we sat down at a friend’s campfire and had the usual chit chat campfires are so famous for.

Didn’t take any pictures today so you have to use your imagination.

Just a word about yesterday’s post re. our insurance: The insurance company’s name was ManuLife. We have received a couple of good suggestion (thanks for that) about how to proceed, but have decided to start by asking our lawyer for advice. Then we will see what we can do or not do.

We had called the insurance company BEFORE going to the ER and they had willingly provided us with the address of the nearest hospital. It is that fact that might help to solve our dilemma.

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  1. You don't have to be Canadian to have problems with medical care in the States.... We US Citizens also have big-time insurance problems these days.

  2. We pulled into a park yesterday with full hookups. It had been a long time for that. We had to turn our air conditioner on to cool down the inside of our rig. That's way too hot for us.

  3. Quiet days are just fine. Sometimes it's too easy to get caught up in the idea that because we're on vacation we should be doing something exciting every day. I find taking it easy is exciting once in a while.


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