Friday, March 1, 2013

Meeting Barbara

A couple of days ago a new rig had turned right in front of our site. It was a rather short Class C Sunseeker. Somehow Bea thought she had recognized the rig being the one who belongs to Barbara from “Me and My Dog”.  And sure enough here came Barbara along to say hello. She had heard about us from Denise at “Sassy’s On Da Road”. It seems like there is a nice network building up, as members of the blogging community make personal acquaintances. And as Barbara also states it is so much more fun to read a blog of people one has met in person. And we couldn’t agree more.

Tonight we invited Barbara and another neighbour to our little campfire and spent a great evening around the blazing fire. Of course, I shoulda taken a picture of us sitting around the fire, but our conversation must have been way too interesting so that I forgot everything about taking out the NIKON.

Barbara also decided to be a follower of our blog and besides of her we also welcome “Rick,” , Julie and Tom from RV and Outdoor Adventures and “nomad1ne” as new followers.

Thanks for joining folks!


  1. Glad Barbara found you. It looks like she also found a great site very close.

  2. Nice to hear that you got to meet Barbara, sounded like a fun evening.

  3. I am soooooo glad you guys finally got to meet. I agree with Barbara in that it is so much better following someone's Blog once you've actually met them in person.


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