Sunday, March 24, 2013

We Moved Just 5 Miles!

I woke up to thunder clap and blinding lightning. What was going on? It didn’t take long before Molly came whining.
 1-DSC_0148 1-DSC_0146
Arkansas morning gloom                                     “Dad there is some bad thunder out there”.

Well, there was precious little I could do, so I started coffee and turned on the TV to see what the weather had in store for us today. Weather man came on strong with a wind advisory, Seems we were running into a day full of problems. Checking out campgrounds in the neighborhood we found “Delta Ridge RV-Park just 5 miles down I-40 in Forrest City. Checking further we found that their rate was a mere 20 bucks a day.
So after the worst morning gloom had passed, we got ready and left the rest area.

Delta Ridge has about 20 sites and sits half a mile off I-40. Grocery shopping in walking distance and you register at the Ole Saw Mill Cafe, which you can see to your right when approaching the stop light at Mc.Donalds.
1-DSC_0149  1-DSC_0150 
Kinda easy to find.
Mistake we made is pulling in on the parking lot of the cafe. Too tight to get out of again. Shoulda gone just around the parking lot and turned right onto an open space.

How long are we gonna stay here?  Until the bad weather is over! If that should take until Wednesday – so be it. We were thinking of getting on the Appalachian Highway I-81, but that area is prone to receiving snow and even freezing rain. The bad weather should be passing on by the middle of next week and that would be the time for us to move on.

Hope you are having some better weather where ever you are!


  1. Six months is not long enough for us Canadians !! We have to get back to Canada - thereby going through the northern States far too early as it's still cold there.

    Quite the shock eh after leaving the 90's in the desert !

  2. The weather there looks pretty gloomy. Hopefully, Wednesday will bring you sunshine and great, safe roads ahead.

  3. Not nice stuck in bad weather on the way home. Happened to us in Texas one time. Winds, rain, tornado warnings etc. I think we sat for about 3 days beside a lake. Would have been a nice spot in warm sunny weather. We are kinda familiar with the area you are in I think but not that Park. At least you were able to get into a park with electricity to run heaters etc. We would have done the same.

  4. I'm glad to know you guys are safe. Lousy looking weather. There has just got to be a better way than the six month rule.

  5. Better to hunker down then to fight the elements.


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