Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Small Change Of Plan And One Last Post

We had left our rest area in Connecticut early in the morning and gotten ourselves onto I-84 towards Boston. First city was Hartford,CT – a big city, but not too much traffic that early in the morning. Several highway exchanges later we ran along I-495 which is the outer ring around Boston. Where the I-495 ends it merges with the I-95 north. The weather was absolutely beautiful and the nasty cold seemed to be gone.
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Real impressive, but not real

We passed through New Hampshire and finally got over the border into Maine. About Maine I must say that the state feels like home to us. Even though we live in Canada, we feels strong ties to Maine. After all it is the place where we spend most money and which we are crossing into almost every day when home. How I loved to see the wide open highway, the never ending wild forests and the deep blue waters of the various bays off the Atlantic Ocean.
I-95 through Maine

While we were driving, we found it to be a better solution to spend one more night in our trailer. We wouldn’t be reaching our home before 8pm ADT and by then it would be dark and Our house would be cold. Water is off and it will take a few hours to get it all back into operation again. Also, the thought of sleeping in an ice cold house did not appeal to us. So we stopped at a known truck stop in Bangor,ME. We know this particular place as pretty quiet and always park away in the same corner at the far end. When we got out into the bright sun, it was so warm that I could go without my woolen jacket, which I have been wearing over the last 7 days.
At Portland, Maine

There are still huge heaps of old rotten snow in the corners of the truck stop, but who cares, when the sun is doing its work. Lovely feeling that spring might be just around the corner now.

Thanks again for dropping by!


  1. Yep, know that lovely feeling of Spring being just around the corner. We will drive right into that feeling when we arrive home in a few weeks.

  2. Nearly home guys have a great last night in the trailer. We will probably spend our last night in Bangor as well its only 5 hours home from there.

  3. Now wait a minute... didn't you say yesterday that would be the last post for a while? Sun does to wonders to the spirits.

  4. Smart move to spend one more night on the road and arrive during daylight. It is amazing how much better you feel when the sun is shining. I know I sure do.

  5. If you are into hiking do the last/beginning of the Appalachi trail that ends at the peak of the Kathadin Mountain ,start early 6-7AM,it is difficult but fantastic at the same time.
    I also recommend to take a boat on Moose Lake to see the Moose in its natural habitat.

  6. Plans are made in jello and change at any time do enjoy all the time you can in your trailer.

  7. Maine is on my bucket list so glad you shared it with me.


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