Saturday, March 9, 2013

Change Of Plans And Some Help Needed

As much as we are getting the “hitch-itch” in the late fall, as much it also hits us at the end of winter. “Back on the road” is what we are thinking during the last weeks in the desert. And as we do this year, we also have developed a change in our plans. We had planned to leave the trailer here in the south – but we realized we couldn’t get a covered storage and besides, we love the comfort of having everything with us – so we changed our plan and decided to take it north. We will park it in Maine, so will not cross borders with it, as that would trigger thousands in taxes.

So, we are planning a route out of Arizona, and that’s where we would like to get some help. We’ve been considering Highway 60 Globe – Show Low, then either going towards Petrified Forest (which we have seen many years earlier) or going on through New Mexico ending up at Socorro on I-25.
Another alternative is the route Phoenix via Payson and up to the I-40.
However, we have no idea how steep these routes are and thought some of you might already have that information and can get us a few tips.

So we are looking forward to hear from you.

The rain we had yesterday was never amounting to much. It was all over within a couple of hours, but the winds stayed on making the temps drop to 64F.
Skies were clearing towards the evening and today we have our good old deep blue California sky again. We have heard that more rain had come in Yuma and also west of us in the San Diego Mountains. I guess there’s a reason for it that there’s a desert out here.

See ya down the road!


  1. 'Flattest' stretch of road I can think of is I-8 to Casa Grande & then I-10 through Tucson, Benson, Demming; Las Cruces, & EL Paso Tx to I-20 & head northwest. No heavy duty mountain driving on that route that I remember. Or hang a left on 25 at Las Cruces & slide up 25 to Albuqurque. I think there is a short cut near Soccorro to I-40 as well. Or, I-8 to Yuma & head north up through Quartzite, Parker, & Lake Havasu to I-40 & head er east from there. We've driven all those routes except the stretch from Havesu to I-40.........

  2. Oooops, that should have said 'northeast' on I-20.

  3. I can't offer advice but I can say I understand wanting to take it all back with you. We've had a similar thought with our motorhome. Not actually leaving it in Arizona but in California someplace. The problem is all our stuff. Good luck with your routing.

  4. Sorry no help from me either. I'm not heading East this year but rather North to B.C.

    I'd want my 'home' with me also.

  5. Peter, When I am checking a route that I am not sure of I do it on Google Earth (a free download) by running your cursor along the road you want to travel the elevation reads out at the bottom of the page. Really helps me determine a route.

  6. I have driven US 60 from Globe to Show Low several times, including in an 18 wheeler. It is a beautiful road but there is a section of extremely twisty and steep road on either side of milepost 290. I have driven there in the middle of the night to take sunrise pictures at a point I find extremely beautiful but do not take this route if you are looking for an "easy" drive or flat roads. Definitely not the route.

  7. We've taken i-10 all the way to El Paso and then up into New Mexico and it was a very easy drive. Beyoond that, I can't help any as we headed back west once we reached Carlsbad, NM.


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