Saturday, March 23, 2013

Slowing It Through Arkansas

I think I mentioned that we have to wait for the storm to pass before we can venture farther north. So we basically decided to get close to the coast. As we have plenty of time, we really didn’t have to rush it today. And being in the Central Time Zone, daylight comes late – this morning around 7am, which made for a late start out.
1-DSC_0112 1-DSC_0117
But the weather contributed to a dull drive, we had a steady drizzle rain on and off over the day.
1-DSC_0128 1-DSC_0119
We crossed the Arkansas River and were turned left towards Memphis, by-passing Little Rock, AR. Again I missed out on visiting Bill Clinton. :-))
1-DSC_0136 1-DSC_0138
We stopped at the last east-bound rest area in AR only a few miles from Memphis, TN. Surprisingly, it wasn’t too cold. I guess that’s due to the southern latitude.
image 1-DSC_0114 
March 2012                                                     March 2013

It’s just about a year ago that we passed through the same area. Looking at the pictures of march 2012 we are amazed to see the difference in how far spring had come last year and what it is like today. We did see blooming trees today, but somehow all the rest is way behind.
As soon as we got outside in this rest area, Molly went into hunting mode. Wasn’t there a squirrel? What is this bird doing there? Molly is sitting upright on the couch, squinting through the window.

Thanks again for hanging in!


  1. Winter is definitely hanging on tight out that way. Hope Molly found a squirrel to chase.

  2. We basically took that same route a couple years ago following I-40 down to Little Rock where we picked up our old route to Memphis & then north up 55 to 57 which took us up to I-70 at Effingham & then hung a right for Indianapolis. If the crappy winter weather up there doesn't smarten up in the next two weeks we may be doing that very same route again. We will be following in some of your tracks.....

  3. We will be about a week behind to now, we are settled in Ashdown Arkansas for a week, enjoying the cold weather, not !


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