Thursday, March 7, 2013

What’s Going On?

We are heading towards pretty high temps but before we get there we have a much needed rain front moving in from the west.
Over the last months it has been too dry. In fact over the entire winter we’ve only had one rainy day.
We still haven’t  seen any flowers out in the desert, and it’s doubtful whether we will see any before going home.

Friday Mar 15
Sunny 90F

And it’s a huge difference to our home place:


Friday Mar 15 Variable cloudiness30F

That’s why we are here!


But nevertheless, the season comes to an end and the Holtville Hot Springs LTVA is “loosing” campers on a daily basis. They leave in all directions, some of them going east, others, maybe the majority, to the north. We are still hanging in here, waiting for the snowstorms in the east to disappear.

15 Days until leaving day!

And I am thinking of what was last year on march 7. Well, Bea was on her way to Germany to see her mother. And I was hanging out in Wickenburg at Vulture Peak. We both had a good time and I love to look back and read the post from last year. Time’s flying by so fast, and I feel it’s a good thing to write things down. It kinda makes me feel like I can turn back the clock, at least for a little while.

DSC_10015 (5)-mi

The first wind gusts have just rushed across the desert and we have to batten down the hatches.


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  1. I'm confused. It's not March 15th.

    Doug keeps what he calls his "Day by Day". He posts one picture for each day and a little blurb about the day. He has done that for 4 years now and we look back most days. Really fun!

  2. Yup, Once it hits in the 90's I'm outta here. Actually I find the 80's even a smidge too hot. I figure in the next week (two weeks max) I'll be starting my S L O W journey North to B.C.

  3. We notice lots of folks starting their migration north. Once the hot weather hits, most are out of here.

    Another good reason for a blog is being able to go and read all about where you've been and what you did. That's good for the slipping memories too as we get older. We'll be able to read it like a story book and probably not even realize it's our story.

  4. We are slowly making our way home, 32 days to get there, (don't want to rush).
    We have been to so many places and seen so much it is nice to do the Blog. We look back on it quite often.

  5. Just saw where it's going to be 89 here by next Thursday. But today we have rain and more rain and chilly. I can't imagine not having the blog to look back at because I'm lucky if I remember what we did last week let along a year or two ago. Canadians in our park are also getting ready to start the trip back home. Seems like everybody just got here.

  6. It's going to be nice to get a blast of real hot weather before we have to head home in early April. It'll be a nice memory to travel home with.


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