Friday, March 29, 2013

With An Easter Greeting Back On The Road

This posting might be the last for a few days. The reason being that our wonderful telephone company is not reachable by phone from the U.S. And I do need to talk to them to have them reconnect phone and internet service. Tomorrow will be our last day on the road on this trip.
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But I’m getting ahead of myself here.
This morning we had the most beautiful blue sky, The air was already somewhat warmer and while Bea walked with Molly, I did the re-hitching of the trailer.  Bea had to do a photo session in Lew’s barn to take in the beautiful newborn lambs. And aren’t they downright adorable?
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We had a last walk through the garden – it looked quite different from last year (!) and then we were off.
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image 1-DSC_0125
Back over all the steep little hills and deep, deep valleys of Pennsylvania until we reached the highway. Were making our way along the wide Delaware River until we ran up at the I-84, which ultimately leaves the State of Pennsylvania behind and crosses the Hudson Valley, where we also met with the first toll booth. $3.50 later we were rumbling along on this old beaten-up portion of  I-84. New York has some really long mountain grades, one of them running up to almost 1300ft. I pushed the accelerator and had one eye on the temperature gauge. It went to 100C but stayed there. 1-DSC_0136
1-DSC_0147 When we were approaching Danbury,CT traffic was getting really tight. We got into a real nasty 4pm rush hour congestion. Police was everywhere and the first crashed vehicles were already on their way onto the tow truck.

I’m sure I have remarked about this before, but time after time it hits me how irresponsible and egoistic big city drivers behave. There is NO courtesy and no forgiving. I’m at a loss understanding how these people must be feeling when negotiating big city traffic.
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After we were done with the worst traffic we were getting to Southington. Here, had made a remark about a nice rest area last year. I was feeling pretty shot after a day of really tough driving, so we turned into the rest area at MM41.5 East.
1-DSC_0154 1-DSC_0152 1-DSC_0153
This outstanding rest area is probably quite old, but it boasts a separate area for CAMPERS ONLY. NO TRUCKS ALLOWED, Sir! And the campers parking is the farthest from the road. Only one other trailer was parked there and he seems to stay over night as well. has one those crazy black Labradors, who want to play 24/7. When I walked by there with Molly, we still had a distance of about 100 feet, all-of-a-sudden this dog pops up from behind the trailer and sends a powerful bark skittering along the open area.
Thanks again for coming along!


  1. Sounds like the dog wanted to play alright. Also sounds like a good guard dog for his owner.

  2. The little lambs are so adorable - and white!! Not at all how the sheep out in the fields look with their dirty and matted wool lol!! Nice to see them while they are still clean.

  3. It is nice to have a nice parking spot with no trucks around and better weather. Enjoy.


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