Friday, May 30, 2014

The Old Coffee Pot And Us

After I came home from work tonight, I felt for a good cup of strong coffee. So I grabbed my old coffee pot to heat the water. And when I saw that coffee pot standing there on the cook stove, it came to me that this coffee pot means a whole lot more to me than just something to heat water in.

This old coffee pot has been following our marriage over 27years. And it was on May 30 1987 that our friend and neighbour, Ivar Sølnes gave us the pot  as his wedding present. Since that date we have prepared hundreds and hundreds of gallons of coffee and coffee water in that pot. And except that the lid has lost its little top handle, the pot is just as good as it was back when it was new. It might not be as shiny as it once was, but not a dent and no damage has occurred to the pot. It’s made of stainless steel of an outstanding quality. It has seen all of our various places where we have lived during those 27 years. It has moved with us across the Atlantic Ocean and landed with the entire moving goods in Vancouver.
The other day I had it sitting on the grate of the open fire pit and it got blackened a little on the outside. Tonight I was standing at the sink scrubbing off the sot and getting back a lot of its original shine.

Tomorrow is May 30 again. And it’s not only our anniversary but it’s also 12 years ago that we as landed immigrants set foot on Canadian soil at the Calgary International Airport.  And like millions of earlier landed immigrants we were full of energy and hopes for a future in a new country.

Even though we will be 5000kms apart tomorrow, our marriage which began in a little wooden church from around 1200 after Christ is stronger than ever before.

Happy Anniversary Bea!


  1. Happy Anniversary, tomorrow, we have an old coffee pot as well, great memories we have with it.

  2. Happy Anniversary, Jens.
    And I thought I was out first with my email this morning. You beat me to it!
    I' ll take a glass of something on us today! Cheers to us! oxoxox

  3. Happy Anniversary Peter and Bea !!

  4. Happy Anniversary to the both you Peter and Beatrix and may you celebrate at least another 27 years together.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Happy Anniversary Bea and Peter! A match made in Heaven.


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