Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A New Lesson About Snotty Canmore

When we just think that we have heard it all, it’s guaranteed that something new will dazzle us.

I have been thinking that I should get myself registered at a public library to have something to read when the time is at hand. So, both Banff and Canmore have nice public libraries and since I am currently camped close to Canmore, I went to “ELEVATION PLACE” as they have called the monstrous multi-purpose building. The public library is just to your left as you step into the huge open-concept arena.
At the counter I met a friendly lady who I hoped would register me as a library user. First she told me that there was a membership process to through. Then it appeared that she wanted something official stating my address, which I didn’t have. Next thing she started talking about a $12.00 membership fee.


Since when do people have to pay membership fees in public libraries?  Asked that question the poor woman started to stammer around until she had to concede that she didn’t really know, but that she “thought” it had something to do with the local tax base.

And there I had it again. Canmore, through-out an unfriendly and most of all greedy town, had managed to p*** me off again.

I really must consider to take my business elsewhere.
So I went to the Alberta Information Centre to pick up a few local brochures. Bus drivers are supposed to know just about everything. A book would probably have been better, but that would have to wait until next day when I again would be in Banff.

I got some gas for the HONDA Genny. It comes at a pr.gal-price of $4.87.  Remember that I am in oil producing Alberta, where we  send our oil out of the country to buy it back refined for big bucks. When KeystoneXL is a reality, we will even send out more of it. Business as usual.

You have a great day and thanks for dropping by again.


  1. That's too bad about the library Enjoy the gorgeous scenery. The Canadian Rockies are my favorite place to travel of all the places we've been in the world to date.

  2. I don't consider the $12 charge snotty. Libraries thrive on their local communities taxes and donations to support themselves in their pursuit of awesome books and services for their patrons. I currently pay $30 per year in Presque Isle ME for the privilege of using their library. We live in Mars Hill ME, about 15 miles from them and we have only a little tiny library. I could use the Bangor Me library for free (I do have a free card and I often use it if I am staying in the Bangor area for a few days, but that is 140 miles from our home) but it is a bit more of a round trip than I want to take to borrow a book. (Bangor has many, many donors in their area and that allows them the opportunity to provide free service to "out of towners".) It's not snotty to charge the out of towners for some towns, it is necessary. Love reading about your adventures. ps. When I do travel and need to use a libraries free wifi and electric to recharge I always give a $1 donation to encourage them to keep providing that service.

    1. Thanks for your comment Judy. Public Libraries in Canada are not supposed to take FEES or sell memberships to the citizens. If they do they are not public but private or organized entirely by the town standing outside of the federal library network. The latter might be the case in Canmore, but they should let people know and NOT have this sign saying PUBLIC LIBRARY..

  3. I remember once when my wife was working in Chemong County (New York State), there was talk of closing the library due to lack of funds. I suppose I wouldn't balk at paying twelve bucks if I knew it would help support the library.
    Maybe it just came as a bit of shock for you?

  4. Bob, I wouldn't mind giving a DONATION if that was needed. However, Canmore is a very rich town and git this palazzo built. It was the most elaborate library I have seen in any small town so far. And they take that fee from everyone.

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  6. Peter, I experienced the same thing when I went to a 'Public' Library in the Hamilton area. And I believe they wanted something like $40.00. Naturally I walked away. Went to a Library in the little community where I am staying and I can take out all the books I want for FREE.


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