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Saturday, May 17, 2014

May-Long-Weekend And May 17

While I had been almost alone in the entire campground, that was about to change as we approached the May-long-weekend. Campers were pouring in like a swarm of flies. There was all kind of trailers, old motor homes (the fancy ones stay in the National Park) and many tents.


Right, I saw a lot of young people with all kind of small tents. One especially I saw this morning, I really pitied. All they slept under was a stretched–out tarp. Wilderness-style alright!

After a right beautiful morning today, the weather changed suddenly as it always might do in the mountains. Dark rain clouds moved in over the still snowy peaks and it didn’t take long until I heard heavy raindrops hitting my trailer. I rushed out to get my lawn chair brought in the van.

Let it rain, let it rain….but where went my numerous neighbours…?  Even those having trailers went away, some leaving the trailer behind, others pulling out altogether. One guy who had dropped off his trailer yesterday, didn’t show up at all.

All the tents were gone too. Can’t blame them, really!

May-long-weekend went right into the pits.
But while the sun was still out, I went to Banff to get a bus washed. Afterwards I had thought to get down to the library for some computing, but there was not a single parking spot for my van. I tried to park at the grocery store – no chance. Now, you have to know that everything in that town is in “Miniature format”, so are parking lots. Banff Ave was packed with people walking the curbs, ready to spend their money. I just learned that Banff gets 10 mill. visitors pr. year. Thinking that everyone leaves 100 Bucks in town. That would be a neat pile of money.

So I got the heck out of there in a hurry. On my way out I noticed the first trees with green leafs. That was also the case when I drove through downtown Canmore. One night with warm temps had done this every-year wonder. And with the rain coming down now, I assume to see a lot of green next time I get to town.

It was also May 17, which is NORWAY’s NATIONAL DAY. Many memories for both Bea and me….
Talked to an old-time friend in Norway today and they had the most beautiful weather which had brought out everyone when they finally gathered to sing the National Anthem:

Ja, vi elsker dette landet,
som det stiger frem,
furet, værbitt over vannet,
med de tusen hjem, —
elsker, elsker det og tenker
på vår far og mor
og den saganatt som senker
drømmer på vår jord.
Og den saganatt som senker,
senker drømmer på vår jord.

                          May 17 – celebrations in Oslo in front of the Kings palace

I still remember the very first time I sang that song. It was on May 17 1978. I thought then, and I still think that this anthem is one of the most beautiful there is.


  1. Looks like a great time in Oslo, if you like crowds:)

  2. Just had a listen to the national anthem of Norway thanks to Youtube. I agree. Very nice. Also helped me figure out how to pronounce a couple of those tricky letters!

  3. Its nice to stay away from those touristy places on the holidays.
    Great memories from the past for you too.

  4. Oh I sure remember my 'tenting' days. Sure wouldn't want to go back to that !!


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