Thursday, May 22, 2014

Finally Some Warmer Weather

We are approaching the end of May and spring temps have been disappointing so far, to say the least. But yesterday we finally got a warm day and is this really the beginning of warmer weather?

I have been cold most of the time and even on days when the sun was out I had to bundle up if my desire to be outside got the better of me. But flowers are showing up along the road ditches and with it my hopes are soaring.

The slow flowing Bow River has now turned into a much wider fast moving river. It carries lots of sediments from the glaciers. But as long as the mountain run-off is not fed by more rain there should be no concerns for flooding.

Over on Campobello Island, the weather hasn’t been much friendlier either. Cold spring weather is the rule rather than the exception in Canada.

But for what it is good I am enjoying the current stream.


  1. Glad it is warming up for you finally, we have had some decent days here in southern Ontario.

  2. I am sure it take another two weeks. There are still some chilly nights pedicted. Tonight the temperature is down to 40 F (ca 5 C) again.


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