Thursday, May 15, 2014

It’s About Time

All-of-a-sudden we got some warmer air moving in over the mountains.
IMG_8925        Big smile for the improved weather
These sudden changes in temperature are caused by the “Chinook”, a stream of air known in Germany as “Föhnwind”. 
IMG_8932 IMG_8937
Some people are getting headaches of it, others, like, me throw away their Long Johns and celebrate. Indeed it was the first morning that I awoke without seeing by own breath condensate in the cold air. Yeah…and my furnace is still down. I move the thermostat and it just clicks and that’s it. I have tried to take that darn thing out from where it is cramped in under the sink, but there is no room to turn the nut which secures the gas line to the furnace. Those engineers/designers planning this should be held personally accountable for the sh… they have made. So I have been heating with an electric heater (with help of the Honda) or simply using the gas flame of the cook stove. Don’t worry I have plenty ventilation! But at night it cools down and I have wished that I had a fur coat to throw on during the coldest mornings. No fun to get out of the bed, for sure!
So, yes, It’s about time that we get some warmer temps. After all it is mid-May.
IMG_8945 IMG_8947
Yesterday evening it was so nice that I seated myself with a cup of tea at the Bow river watching how the light was changing with the setting sun.

Had a bit of rain this morning but it did stop and I went 2 miles east to haul 45 gal. of water from the next service station. Filled it over with the help of a submersible pump. Couldn’t find an in-line pump to buy so got the submersible for 10 bucks. Trick is to let the water run from the bladder into a bucket where the pump will expedite it into the trailer. Worked like a charm! 
IMG_8919   IMG_8922
I even had water left-over so I finally got the winter grime washed of the trailer. Windows were almost blind.

Sure hope the weather is holding up for a while.

See ya…and thanks for stopping by again!


  1. Beautiful area:) I have often thought what I could do to the idiot who design systems for RVs!

  2. I thought you had a propane heater, Mr. Heater or some such for dry camping, we use ours all the time.
    Good luck with your furnace.

  3. Great pics! Glad it is now starting to warm up.

  4. LOVE the picture of you sitting having your cuppa by the water !!


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