Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother’s Day

Usually I’m terribly forgetful of official days, whether holidays, birthdays or any other commemorative days the calendar has so many of.
But reading The “Odd Essay”, I realized it was Mother’s Day today. And that led to some thoughts about what we in our family have been through over the past 2 years.

Mother passed away in January 2012 and it became one of my saddest journeys home. And when I arrived she was gone. We all went to the last farewell and the image of seeing mother again, peaceful and still, but beyond any verbal communication with us family members, will never leave my mind. And it made me realize more than ever, how much we loved her. She was also the best mother-in-law Bea could have gotten. 

What followed has been 2 years of a lonesome life for Dad. Dad had never been one to express too much emotions, but he has missed his wife, our mother tremendously. Suddenly there was nobody to talk to when he wanted to talk. Then his health declined rapidly and he became partially confused. He is now in a care facility where he some times wonder why mother isn’t with him.

God, almighty…it is so sad.


  1. Sometimes life is beyond our comprehension. So sorry for you and your Dad.

  2. When we lose loved ones it's extremely difficult. All we have our the good memories in years gone by. Hopefully, you'll be able to remember those good times.

  3. It must be so painful for you and for that I'm sorry.

  4. Special memories of you mother and father are so special. Sorry to hear about your father.


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