Monday, May 19, 2014

Ski Und Rodeln Gut (Skiing and sleigh rides good)

It was just like being back in the Norwegian Ski Resort in 1994. The crowds, having only one thing in mind, had gathered at Sunshine Village a little half-hour from Banff. This was going to be the last grand ski-weekend for everybody.

I had picked up 30 well….very young adults. Can’t call them kids anymore, as several of the young males had  beards and the females…well… Let’s not talk about it.

This was my first load picked up at a school. If you think this would be a rowdy bunch of spoiled brats you are wrong. Without any exception these young folks were extremely polite. Thanks, Sir, Yes Sir…..I heard it all the time.

And then we were on the road. The young lady who was the organizer of this tour, sat beside me and very politely asked whether she  would be permitted to turn on the radio. Well, if a bus has a radio it is for a purpose and pretty soon loud music was filling the bus. I was surprised none of them would start rocking around. But again – very polite.

Arriving at Sunshine Village we were met by nothing less than a gigantic crowd. There was thousands of cars, several buses and even motor homes and trailers. People were milling about everywhere. I got all the snowboards out of the luggage area. And off they went to the gondola and a day of fun.

I had to round them up again at 4:30pm and that would give me approx 3hrs. at home, which I spent eating and napping.

Napping is good when you have the next trip coming up at 2:45am.
I’m the NIGHT EXPRESS to Calgary Int’l Airport. Again a group from a school in Banff. And when I am home again from that early trip I can do it all over again for a group of Japanese tourists at 9:30am from the Banff Springs Hotel.

While I was plowing asphalt trails the river has stayed in its bed as a good river should do. The camp host came by and I inquired about whether or not I should be concerned about a rising flood. He told me that even last years flood which turned into a real disaster for many communities in the Bow Valley, had barely brought about 2inch of water in SOME places of the campground. So no worries there. Makes for a whole lot better sleep.

Bow River Monday afternoon

And that’ll be all from here. See ya around!


  1. Rivers that stay in their banks are a good thing - polite young people is a miracle.

  2. Your driving schedules bring back memories from when I was in dispatch in Ontario back in the 1970's.
    Never a dull moment doing a job like that.

  3. Sure glad to hear that the rising river levels is not a concern.


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