Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Doing The Camper Thing

You know what it is, right? The Camper Thing is having a campfire. And since I had to move from the Provincial Park at the Bow River, I moved back into Banff National Park. Chose an unserviced site, (since I was already used to it..Smile) and when I arrived at my site, there was a pile of firewood from the previous occupant. So I chopped off a few small pieces to start the fire with and when it was going alright, I got out the pan with yesterday’s leftovers plus 2 nice Bavarian sausages to go with and had it all cooked on the open fire pit. I sure felt like I was on vacation.
Rules are a bit more stringent here in the National Park. Generator use f.ex. is limited to a few morning hours and 2 hours between 5pm and 7pm.
So I have to make do with that.  No internet whatsoever, of course.
IMG_8974 IMG_8977
                                               My new camp site

Not too many campers here in the middle of the week, which makes for a real quiet neighbourhood. Most fancy rigs are in the hook-up areas, which are in a different part of the campground.
20140527_132619 20140527_200200
ELKS: They are just walking by graciously but yet rather big

I asked for a sunny spot and the very nice lady at the front entrance found exactly what I was looking for. An open grassy patch stretches to both sides behind my trailer. Elks are numerous and they walk all over the place. 
The few neighbours around have craned their necks to check out what the heck an ambulance is doing here pulling a large trailer.
Over here I have actually plenty of trails to walk, if I feel for it. Mind you the entrance lady also talked about 2 small black bears which have been exploring the grounds this morning. Yeah…instead of rattlers we have bears around these parts. What would you prefer?  Me, I think the bears.

Apparently the park is open for equine activities as I have already seen 2 beautiful ladies riding along. The last one even said HI to me.  Oh well…..
I wonder why horseback riding seem to have become girl’s interest mainly.  I just think of my own niece, who is extremely interested in horsemanship. (aka. horseladyship) She was rather sad a couple of weeks ago when her beloved horse (it wasn’t hers, but she cared for it) suddenly died. Well, it was around 30yrs. old and that’s about what a horse has of life expectancy. I know it was like loosing a long-time friend for her. Meanwhile, she got a new horse to be friend with and I am more than happy over that on her behalf.

Have a great 2.half of the week!


  1. Beautiful campsite. No fires down this way because of the drought and fire danger. Your Elk are large but look kind of skinny. Must have been a kind of hard winter for them.

  2. Perfect campsite and cooking over an open fire is really getting into it, enjoy.

  3. Gorgeous campsite for sure. But no internet !!! GASP !! I wouldn't be able to stay there.

    BTW, Did you bring your solar panel ??

  4. Nope, that sits in the garage at home.


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