Saturday, May 10, 2014

New Discoveries On My Phone

It’s like getting to know a stranger. I’m talking about that Smart Phone I got a few weeks ago. At first you really don’t know a stranger, but then he/she starts telling a bit of her-/himself, and you might find out that you start liking the person. As you meet more often you build a relationship and trust with that individual. It’s the same with my phone. Holding it in my hand the first time, it was an odd-looking stranger to me. And initially I thought I might NOT like it much. But since I need to have it around, it kinda lost its ugly face and started beckoning to be explored. I found a few things I thought were pretty good, like f.ex. the automatic email notification function. It made a little sound and let me know “Hi, I have a new email for you”.
Alright…so that was good. But then when I got a call I grabbed the phone like I would have my old flip-up phone. WRONG! VERY WRONG! Of course my fingers touched something they shouldn’t, and I lost the call. I had to call back on the stored number.

Then today, while it was raining and I was Off-duty, my phone was beside of the laptop, looking at me, and finally curiosity got the better of me. I swiped the screen, pushed here and wiggled there and suddenly I saw the “HOTSPOT” sign.


Yup, if I touch that sign my phone turns into a hotspot. Now that made me wondering what in the world was this sales rep thinking when I specifically asked about a mobile hotspot and he said such thing was not available. I DON’T EVEN NEED AN EXTRA DEVICE to have a hotspot. It’s not cheap to use, but at lest I can do basic things like checking my email and looking up important infos on the internet. And I by far prefer to use my laptop than that dinky little keyboard of my phone, where my fingers touch the entire alphabet in one single move. I guess Mr. Mc.Donalds will be noticing a sharp decline of my coffee purchases. Smile

Where I am camped, I need to run my little HONDA Genny friend to replenish my batteries. But all-of-a-sudden it quit. So I was out in the rain looking it all over. Took the main lid off and checked oil. A little low, so I added a few squirts. And while the lid was off I also cleaned the air filter. Hehe..some desert dust there! After maintenance the thing is running again like a Swiss watch. We’ve had it for 6 years now and purchased it for just under a 1000 Bucks. That’s what I call a good investment. Best of all: It’s so darn quiet, my neighbours don’t even know I have it.

While the Bow River flows lazily along my camp site,  I know that the river can become a dangerous neighbour. Once we get big rainfalls and snowmelt it will come up pretty fast, and with only one more foot to the top of the grassy bank, it wouldn’t take much.

All over the area campers are warned about bears. Garbage containers have specialty locks which can’t be opened by bears. There have been enough stories in the past about bears climbing into unsecured containers scavenging on organic waste, leading to a big scare when unsuspecting campers were
approaching an “occupied” container. So there shall be no more of that. If rangers discover food containers stored outside they will take them away and the unfortunate camper can count on receiving a serious warning – at least.

And I just saw the first bear this year. He was a cinnamon coloured individual, but probably just a black bear. He jumped across the road as I was approaching from Cochrane towards Canmore. But he was quick hiding in the bush as I slowly passed along.

And…speaking of bears, a female Canadian oil worker has just been killed in Ft.McMurray,AB. She just happened to step out of her trailer when the bear attacked without a warning. Co-workers tried in vain to distract the bear. Normally, bears will rather flee than attack, but this one did not.

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  1. Lions and tigers and bears.....oh my!!

  2. Those smart phone are smart , and can be fun too.
    Keep and eye out for the wildlife there.

  3. There's more to a smart phone than those smart people at the store know.


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