Monday, May 26, 2014

A Trip Across The Border - To B.C.

The Boss had thought I’d better take a trip across the border and into the BC-Mountains to get myself educated, in case I had to drive a group into Yoho National Park. Now, I Did know a few things and locations at Yoho, but my acquaintance with the park partially goes back 30 years, namely to the year 1984, when I stopped at the park on my way from Vancouver. The next visit was 20 years later in 2004 when I drove the Yoho Valley Road to see the Takkakaw Falls.


It was a drab kind of weather this morning, and when it started to rain across the BC-border I wasn’t surprised. I had now passed the Great Divide, with the Railroad’s Spiral Tunnel high up the slope and was on my way along the Yoho Valley Road to Takkakaw  Falls. However, the drive was stopped short before it really had begun. Either due to remaining snow, or a recent mud slide, the road was closed. Anyway, I had to turn around and head back to the Trans Canada Highway.

IMG_8961 IMG_8963

My next destination was the “Natural Bridge”, which is along the way to Emerald Lake. This natural rock bridge has been caused by the “Kicking Horse River’s relentless abrasion with gravel and sand following the river’s stream. Also a softer layer of limestone has made the river’s work possible.

An interesting road-side information told the story about Ukrainian Citizens which had been rounded up by police and immigration to be detained under WWI. They were considered to be allies of Germany and had to perform hard labour. Many of the National Park Roads have originally been built by those detainees. The former campsite was located in today’s Yoho National Park.

Following the road farther in I ended up at Emerald Lake.

IMG_8964 IMG_8967  Natural Bridges                                     Emerald Lake

Back in 1984 I hiked around the entire lake with my cousin and his mother. This was the first time I saw the lake again after all those years. And while the lake itself has not changed, the Park Administration has set up a few buildings for the convenience of the many visitors. Today, the lake was still mostly covered with ice. A vendor who also rents out canoes, had hung out rain gear, which, in today’s wet weather, found interested customers.

IMG_8969             Meanwhile, the clock showed almost 1pm and I had grown hungry. So, in the relative comfort of my van, I brought out my sandwiches and coffee.

Ironically, as I was heading back east, the sky cleared for a while letting the sun light up the beautiful fresh spring-green of the forest.

I am sure I will be going back here soon, hopefully under much nicer weather conditions.

IMG_8970 IMG_8971

Vermilion Lake with Mt. Rundle to the left

IMG_8973The partly rainy day was now in need to be concluded with a few nice home-made oat cookies.  Smile


Thanks again for coming along!




  1. We are having 90 and 100 degree weather down this way so it was rather refreshing to see your pictures of ice, water and snow. It does look like a beautiful area.

  2. I see you are getting along pretty well. Cookies, HUH!

  3. Such wonderful scenery will be much nicer in clear warm weather. Enjoy the cookies.


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