Friday, January 10, 2014

What Are We Up To?

I wouldn’t put this question here if I knew the answer. One thing I do know is that we have been very, very spoiled over all those years when we went to Arizona and Southern California. It seems like Florida is either cold or it rains. Well maybe we just hit a bad year. We love a dry and warm climate. What we have here is exactly 100% the opposite. Alright, tonight I can step outside in my bare shirt and it is still warm – almost tropical. But it has been raining all day and it will again tonight, shall we believe the weather guys.

For Sunday there is hope for better weather. So we plan a trip to Pensacola. They have a historic village and an old Fort, which we want to see. We might go to a State Park and do a hike there. It’s about the only place where we can do a hike.

I’m still thinking of whether we should do a break to Texas. We’ve been there before and it wasn’t bad. Lots of history there.

Anyway, I got myself into a project today. I climbed on top of the roof of that old airstream trailer Pete and Sherry own and started to wash off the green slime, tons of rotten leaves and even branches which had landed there from the giant trees. When the roof was done I did the sides. Lots of water, a big brush and the shiny Airstream Aluminum appeared. It’s a 1984 Limited Edition and I’m impressed about the many smart features this trailer has. It sure was decades ahead of most competitors.  Shoulda taken a few pics of it but you know it rained….  When I was done I was wet as a cat. Changed all clothing. Trouble is you hang up the wet stuff and it won’t dry. Humidity is at near 100%. I’m sure If I lived here all the time I would turn into a duck.

Lots of people will be coming by tomorrow. It’s Pete’s birthday. He’s turning 70. Congratulations Pete! I cross my fingers it won’t rain again!

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  1. Hook up and head to Arizona !! Lots of Winter still left to enjoy here.

  2. Head West young people, head West. Warm sunny dry days await you. Starry nights & desert walks. No bugs, lots of room to roam wherever you wish. And here's the best part............doggies welcome:))

  3. Don't know how much time you've spent previously in Florida but, as nice as the Panhandle can be, it gets - and can stay - darn cold there in the winter as you're finding out. My Father was a FLA native and, after moving to PA, when he'd hear people say that they were going to winter in the Panhandle, he'd tell them that they might as well stay in PA for the winter. Of course, he was exaggerating but not by much. The "real" sun and warmth in FLA in the winter is found below I-4. Of course, the Southwest is nice too but can get cold there too. Hope the weather gets warmer for you and Happy Birthday to Peter!

    1. It's Pete having birthday, not me. But thanks anyway.

  4. It's Pete having birthday, not me. But thanks anyway.

  5. Happy Birthday Pete. Think you need to head further west the hot springs are calling you.
    Check out the Pensacola Naval Aviation Museum there, it is Awesome and Free!!!

  6. We ran into a lot of rain when we were in Florida too. I think you have to go way south to get out of it.


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