Wednesday, January 8, 2014

We Are Bound For A “Heat Wave”

After being 42hrs in a deep freeze the deep south is heading for a heat wave. Yup, we are going to hit the mid-forties tomorrow. Hey, I know! Not much of a heat wave but a whole lot better than seeing that ice-buildup at the sprinkler down by the water. Actually I observed the timely demise of the last icicle hanging off that big ole tree. This afternoon we had seated ourselves by the water’s edge enjoying half an hour of unobstructed sunshine. And you know, it was actually pretty nice there, well until clouds moved in from the east letting the air temperature do a sudden plunge into the thirties again.
And for tomorrow we even have to consider to drag the shorts out from underneath all those winter clothes in the closet. Hey, I’m just kidding.
Over the last 4 days we went through 7gal of propane and when the heater died today I was quick to first switch over to the other tank and then get myself over to where the propane guys run a profitable business these days. Since our arrival here we have spent roughly a 100 bucks on propane. Should another cold snap occur I’d be out of here.

That’s a promise!


  1. I think Molly is thinking of warmer sunnier days. Maybe some 'California Dreaming'.

  2. It does not take long to gobble up the propane with it that cold, enjoy the heatwave and more on the way.

  3. Maybe this is how Florida makes all that frozen orange juice! Hope it gets back to normal in sunny Florida very soon.


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