Friday, January 3, 2014

Beautiful… But Oh So Cold!

The temperatures started dropping yesterday evening. They went from around 52F to just above 32F and when morning came, a brisk northerly wind had sprung up  causing a wind chill way below freezing. The skies had cleared and a bright sun shone across the bay. Humidity had gone to almost nothing and the air was so clear that we could make out details on the barrier peninsula a couple of miles away.  For the morning walk with Molly I bundled up like I had done the last days at home on Campobello Island.
I waited in the longest until I started what I had thought to do – putting the new spare tire on the trailer. Next week I will have to go and buy 2 more new tires for the drivers side. The ones this trailer came with are worn down after one year only.

At around 2pm our hosts took us out on a sightseeing tour to the powder beaches of the barrier peninsula. The city of Destin is a famous summer resort for the rich and mighty. To make sure they feel welcome and right at home all the known brands and fashion shops have established themselves out there. But I also saw one of the biggest Wally Worlds I have ever seen.
It sure is a place we feel like strangers in – not our cup of tea at all. It’s just too artificial for us, yet sure worth to see for a country boy like me.
When we got back home the sun was about to set and Bea grabbed the NIKON and ran down to the water. She sure got a couple of nice shots.

DSC_0293  DSC_0282
DSC_0278Thanks for dropping by!


  1. It wasn't until our second blowout that the roadside technician told us our trailer was equiped with tires made in China. Those trailer tires will only last at best two years. The only North American Made tires today ore from Good Year and they will last between five to seven years. If we had known about those tires on our new trailer we would have changed them before leaving the RV Dealer. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Those pictures are better than nice shots. They are gorgeous. So are you going to head further south for warmer weather?

  3. You sure got yourself some nice sunset photos there......

  4. The weather is still better than at home.
    We stayed in Destin for three days last year with my old boss and felt exactly the same as you. We are country folk.
    Missing you at the Hot Springs..

  5. As I cannot control the weather I do not waist energy on the issue,just go with it....and enjoy the present.


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