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Friday, January 24, 2014

“The Lost Floridians” (freely in Span: Los Floridanos :-)

I guess Florida was lost on us or we lost Florida, whatever… we have made our plans to take our leave. We just wait until the next cold snap which will hit right after the weekend is over. And our destination is: ARIZONA
Come Wednesday we will be on the road unless it snows.
Speaking of snow: When I dropped in at an auto parts store this morning snow was the topic. Same thing happened when I picked up a bag of potatoes at the local grocer. It has happened before and snow is coming down in Louisiana as we speak.

For the life of me I can’t understand why snowbirds would be staying here on the Florida panhandle. It might be nice in march, but hey- that’s still 5 weeks down the road.
1-DSC_1290         Holtville 2013
While being “cooped up” in the rig I occasionally flip on the TV. We don’t have a TV in our house and it is mostly because the quality of programs are so bad that I feel somebody is thinking us to be totally stupid. Stupid enough to watch silly soap operas and silly enough to enjoy the dumber than dumb commercials.

Now, whatever we see here is really not much better, but local and national news casts can contain some worthy information.  There is also a “Bonanza” channel. They have the old Bonanza episodes and that’s why I call it “Bonanza” channel. There is other stuff from the seventies like “Dragnet” or”Emergency” or “The Rifleman” …..stuff like that. And what kinda intrigues me to watch that is the fact that 40 years have passed and that our world looks quite different today. See Mr.Friday from “Dragnet” didn’t have a computer on his desk or a cell phone at his ear. All they had was a (Rotary) Phone. Kids today don’t know what a Rotary Phone was. If they try to punch some numbers on the round dial – nothing happens and they would probably go mad and throw that thing against the wall.
1-DSC_0057-mi         Quartzsite 2012
But the worst on TV are really the commercials. 80% seem to be drug-companies running their ads for all kind of wonder drugs they have invented and which will give you a sea of side effects much worse than whatever health problems you might have. These ads are usually followed up by lawyer commercials telling you to sue the very same drug companies. Oh…I need to mention insurance company ads which will sell you life-term insurance in case you die of these drugs. And when you die, you better have an insurance policy paying for the funeral or else….

Fast-food ads from Mc.Burger and Co seem to have declined in numbers from a few years ago. What really has gone up are the “smart gadget” ads mostly trying to sell you stuff you have never missed before, but will make your life a dream. They always have a double offer so their products come in pairs. One for the home and one for the car. One for the wife and one for your mistress.  Oh sorry, guess I over stepped this a bit.

You get the gist. I’m done. Thank God.

See ya, folks!


  1. Have a save trip to Quartzsite and Holtville - I would like to be there too! May be in a few years we will come back in this wonderful and sunny part of your country. I am reading every day and was wondering when you will leave Florida!

  2. A couple things of note. Once upon a time when we were living in Puerto Rico, my eldest brother and his (less than charming) wife came over from Florida for a visit. It was the first time EVER that she was able to get completely warmed up. And here I thought it was always hot in Florida, but they said, "Oh no, it gets cold where we are." Really? They had a place across from Fort Meyers. I just couldn't figure out why you'd go all that way only to still be cold.

  3. Oh, and then I forgot the other "thing".....
    I just heard on the news that many people now no longer actually watch TV. Instead they stream media (including the news) either on their computers or "smart" devices. And then there's critters like Netflix.
    TV seems to be a dying breed. No wonder.

  4. Agree totally with you about TV programming. Just spent a week in the rig & never even bothered to turn the TV on. How nice was that. It angers me when I see the kind crap programming on TV these days. And it's getting noticeably worse each season. Especially those stupid reality shows they keep coming up with. Swamp Dummies, Duck Dopes, & the list just keeps growing. And the situation comedys are no better. What does it tell someone about the North American culture. Is it any wonder our countries & our societies are in so much trouble. And then there are the hopelessly moronic commercials. I better stop........I've been wondering how long it would take you to pull the plug on Florida. Welcome to sunny warm Arizona when you get here:))

  5. We tried Florida one year and said never again. Give me Arizona any day.

  6. We were in Florida one year too but much prefer Arizona. We record the TV shows we choose to watch and zip right through the commercials. Soap operas? No way.

  7. You go to Northern Florida and expect warm weather,duh?

  8. We did that area last year too and really did not enjoy it. Was even cool in key West when we were there. Will take Arizona any time.
    Maybe we will run into you again when you get out west. We moving around soon but will stray in the area for another month before slowly heading back east.

  9. Enjoy your trip to Arizona. Enjoyed reading. Hasn't snowed yet here in England, it's been cold enough to though!

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.


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