Monday, January 27, 2014

We May Get Hung Up Here For Another Day

That this is an extraordinary winter you have probably heard of. In fact, in the deep South they speak of the worst winter for an entire generation. And ANOTHER cold snap is threatening the deep south. We will see a plunge from 50F last night to 21F the coming night and daytime temps along the panhandle will stay just above freezing. And the cold will last into Wednesday, which is the day we intended to leave. It dawns on me that we shoulda left here 2 weeks earlier. In a strange way it seems to be a repeat performance of the situation we had before we left home – with the difference that we were smart enough to leave when it was possible. Getting weather-stuck here in Florida has never occurred to me. But things like this just happen when you travel a lot.
Take today f.ex.: It was nice and warm in the morning and the forecast talked about getting about 67F. The situation changed dramatically when a thunder storm moved in from the south-west. After that we haven’t seen the sun, but had quite a bit of rain. And the temps barely reached the high 50s.

I went out to get a refill of propane but the company had run out of propane on Saturday. I must go back tomorrow morning and hope the best.

It seems like this year everything can happen.

Can’t wait until I see the wide open spaces of the west.
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  1. I refilled my propane on Saturday morning after the last ice storm. Sure hope it lasts through this next blast from Mother Nature. :(

  2. Thank goodness we refilled our propane just 3 days ago and have almost a full tank. Here in Alabama, we are using nothing but their electricity as we hoard the propane. The southwest looks better and, if the weather would cooperate so all of us could head that way!

  3. I think all of the nice weather has been in Arizona this year. The weather has been about the best since we've started coming here. Hope you get out of that mess soon.

  4. Get out west here, the regulars are saying the best winter yet in southern Arizona, we got lucky again.


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