Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It’s A No Go!

Something was amiss this morning. Was it Sunday? Or did President Obama use his executive power to proclaim a new holiday? There was no traffic noise. In fact it was eerily quiet.

None whatsoever.

A bird from time to time – that was it.

Well, the weather gods have played a trick on us and sent freezing rain all along the Gulf Coast. Everything outside including all leaves, trees, yes our entire rig is encased in a shell of ice. There is extremely little traffic on this otherwise super busy highway. But those few daredevils who are out there are doing 60mph. I just don’t understand it.
DSC_0168 DSC_0171
No traffic today                                                        A thick layer of ice on the van 
DSC_0169 DSC_0170-001
crusty Magnolia leaves                                       …and a frozen birdbath
There is no way that we will be joining those lunatics out there before any significant rise in temperature. And there is very little chance for just that as daytime highs are 31F. (-0.5C) I-10 may be OK but we have to get there first and that’s a pretty unpredictable endeavor. All schools are closed and I assume the garbage truck won’t show up today either.

I did get our propane yesterday and wouldn’t you know it price gouging had already taken a hold. For our 30lb-tank the price had gone up with another 6 Bucks. It’s time that energy companies are coming under federal regulation. They are no better than Wall Street and the banks.

There isn’t really any more to say.

Have a great warm day!


  1. Those pictures say it all. We had our turn with that polar vortex in early December but nothing really bad since. Hope it warms up for you soon but in the meantime you are being smart. Stay warm.

  2. Good luck hope it thaws out soon for you guys.

  3. Are you ready for all this to be gone? We sure are.

  4. Hope that melts off soon.... I wouldn't be out there driving, either!

  5. That's smart to stay off the road and stay safe.

  6. I wouldn't get on those roads either. Is it the energy companies or the local companies that resell the propane. Stay warm.


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