Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hallelujah…..A Sunny Day

Wow…we woke up to a sunny day!  While Bea was airing out accumulated humidity from the trailer I lounged down at the bay, book on my knees and Molly by my side. What a gorgeous morning! 

Yes Dad, I hear you!
DSC_0168 Then it hit me like a lightning, we should do something nice for the afternoon. At 11am we had an early lunch and were heading out to Panama City Beach. Bea had read that they had a dog friendly beach policy in a certain area and we were bound to find that. Highway 98 is stretching all along the outer barrier peninsulas interconnecting them via causeways with the mainland. We were passing many beaches and so far, every one of them had “No Pets” or “No Dogs” signs. But then at beach access # 56 – 57 we found what we were looking for. The beach was of that typical fine sugar-like snow-white sand and we saw several happy dogs running around. We carried our camp chairs over and settled with coffee for us and water for Molly smack in the sun. The surf had tempted several young guys and gals to try their surf-boards and provide us with entertainment. Whenever they had reached the beach zone they swam back to where the waves towered high, diving through the waves on their way out.
DSC_0194 DSC_0215
Bea tried the water with her feet but thought it too cold to do anything more. And the surfers were wearing their wetsuits.
Maybe a word or two about the area beyond the surf and the beach. I had the impression I had arrived at an El Cheapo beach resort for the broad masses. Extremely ugly high rises are destroying an otherwise beautiful area. I can’t fathom that anyone would buy or rent a condo in these ugly giants. The shopping areas on the opposite side of the main drag were all full of glaring colors hustling for visitors attention. It was looking more like the entrance to a State Fair Ground with carousels and cheap entertainment. A tourist trap of the worst possible making.
DSC_0187 DSC_0185
Anyway, we had a good time on the nice beach and around 2:30pm it was time to get going. We found a huge Wally World where we replenished our supplies, and were home again just before sunset.
DSC_0269 DSC_0264
After supper I found that I had received an email from a NWR-supervisor in Arizona. They are looking for volunteers and we might just be interested to do that.
I will get back to that as soon as we have a decision. All I can say so far is that this is in an extremely remote area of the state and it would be a real adventure.
DSC_0249 Arrgh…Beaches are boring!
So stay tuned for that!

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. We spent one winter in the same area you are now in. It was wet, wet, wet. The beaches were beautiful and we loved the area but winter time was not the best time for us to be there.

  2. We left St Andrews State Park in Panama City Beach yesterday. A very nice area:)

  3. I agree with Molly. About 20 minutes sitting on a beach & I'm ready to get on with something else.

  4. We spent most of last winter in that area too, cool, windy and damp. And some sunny days.
    Yep our thoughts too, about the beaches, been there done that, a few minutes of the surf and sand is enough for us too.


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