Friday, January 31, 2014

Blowing Through Houston,TX With 60mph

Had a great traveling day. We were leaving Covington, LA before 7:30a and were making good speed on I-10 west. Crossing miles and miles of swamp lands between Baton Rouge and Lafayette where they have put about 25 miles of the I-10 on pilings. There are stretches of the Interstate down there with pavement probably originating from the sixties, but nothing broke on the trailer. We have seen lots of oil refineries in Louisiana and later in Texas. gas is cheap down here, lowest price we’ve seen was $2.97/gal.
Our drive from Freeport,FL

Crossing from the east into Texas always marks the entry into a totally different part of the country. And as the road climbs up into the more hilly country around San Antonio my mood barometer is rising.
But we still had Houston, a 50-mile stretch, ahead of us. Should we go straight through or take the I-610 around the city? There was plenty traffic when approaching the fork, but most of it left onto the 610, which made us run straight towards downtown.  I maintained around 55-60mph all the way through and Bea had an eye out for keeping us in the right lane.
The “Spaghetti Highways” around the city are phenomenal and one place they were just about to lay the finishing touch on an entire new “Spaghetti Intersection”. This city appears to be growing out of seams and bounds.

DSC_0144 DSC_0151
Leaving Houston behind us our next goal is San Antonio. We would have reached it without a problem if we hadn’t lost 3hrs yesterday. But it doesn’t really matter.  The temperature is about 70F and we have been throwing off winter clothes all day. We found an I-10 rest area about 2 hrs from the city and will enjoy a relaxing evening.
Mississippi River w. moored paddle wheeler

See you in San Antonio!



  1. So glad you are safe and into warmer temps. Loved the idea of you guys throwing off the winter clothes.

  2. YIPPEEEEE ! You're warm !!

  3. Let us know when you're in San Antonio. Maybe we could do breakfast or dinner. How long will you be here?

    Susan & Bob

    1. Susan we are not actually in town, but at Floresville and we will be leaving Monday morning. We also need to meet with family and I don't have any time line for it yet. Will let you know later.

  4. We understand about your timeline. Both of us work during the week.

    Enjoy time with your family and safe travels. Please let us know if you have any time Sunday morning or lunchtime. We are in south San Antonio.

    Susan & Bob

  5. I bet those warmer temperatures sure feel good after all that cold stuff you had in Florida. Glad to see you're making time and moving down the road at a good clip.


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