Saturday, January 11, 2014

It Rains Again, Thunder Is Rolling And Pete Is Not Peter

It’s 7:45am. The slight ray of hope I had when I got up about an hour earlier has dissipated into some dark crevice of despair. In fact there was some daylight at 6:45am, since then it has gone almost dark again. Thunder claps sound like the bombs they sometimes drop in this area. There is an unsteady pitter patter on our roof. It’s unsteady because of the wind gusts which let huge droplets fall out of the oak trees above us. I can sleep with a steady rain, but when it comes only now and then in form of giant splashes it keeps we awake. Last night’s sleep along with the night before was not good. And while it was ice cold a few nights earlier it was humid and hot last night.
For Pete’s sake, (sorry Pete) what are those clowns from the weather services thinking when they announced: “Partly cloudy” for yesterday and today??? I can’t see anything other than clouds.

I think I’m done with Florida. For ever!

Oh, I see a few of you readers have started to get confused. See it’s really simple. I am Peter, but I’m not Pete. Pete lives here all the time while I (we) are just visiting. And I’m not turning 70 just yet. Pete’s having his birthday today and I dearly hoped for some nice weather. But…..not gonna happen.

When Al and Denise are suggesting to get ourselves over to Arizona, I was almost ready to go packing. But hey it’s still 2000 miles from here. A week of travel. Too far to go. But maybe Texas. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, have a great Saturday!


  1. Hey come on over to Texas, we'd love to meet you...

  2. We did Florida one year. We weren't fond of where we stayed. We might try it again but much prefer the Arizona desert too.

  3. We ended up in that area last winter too. Was ok but not sunny dry and warm like the southwest.

  4. Right now the sun comes and goes as does the rain and we're further south down by Crystal River. Next year our plans are for a month where you are now and slowly work our way west. The following year further west who knows. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Haven't seen a drop of rain since we arrived in Palm Springs about 3 weeks ago. We love it here as we can always count on it being dry and warm.

  6. I dunno - a week of travel to enjoy THREE solid months of warm, dry weather........??

    I've never been drawn to Florida but if I had any doubts your experience has re-affirmed my lack of desire to go there.

  7. Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, or California is gonna be better than where you are for sure. As you know there is lots of room out here in the South-West, not crowded, no humidity, no Alimagators snapping at your heals or poisonous snakes lurking in the grass. Not even any of those miserable Mosquitoes. For me I just like the fact there is a whole lot less people in a much, much, bigger area of the country. Oh, & then there is the whole scenery factor..................guess I better stop there:))

  8. I'm really sorry - I thought Florida was supposed to be having great weather. Well, there's always next year, and hopefully we'll see you at Hot Springs. At least there's that to look forward to. :)


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