Thursday, January 30, 2014

We Got Out On The Road, But Florida Had Closed The I-10

We were leaving our spot at 8:30am taking Highway 20 west for so to take the short Hwy 293 W. to Hwy 85 finally connecting to the I-10. Hwy 85 had still long patches and bridges covered in sheer ice and vehicles were crawling along. Was it a mistake to take off today? It seemed like it was. When reaching Crestview on the I-10 we discovered that the ramp onto the Interstate was closed – due to icy conditions and the closure of the Escambia Bay Bridge. The only possible detour was Hwy 90 which runs a few miles farther north parallel to the I-10. Hwy 90 was mostly clear, but had an incredible amount of traffic on it, all due to all vehicles that came off the I-10. We made 9-10mph and didn’t reach Pensacola before 4 1/2hr later, a 3hr. delay. There were hundreds of trucks in the oncoming traffic, all re-directed from the I-10.
DSC_0051 DSC_0043
Icy bridges - some sanded some not. You can tell where exactly the bridge begins by looking at the ice.
Trees…seemingly out of glass
Battleship USS Alabama as seen from the highway

We followed Hwy 90 until where it connects with the I-10 in Alabama. From that point the I-10 was open and we picked up speed. BUT what was going on in the oncoming traffic?. The line-up of trucks and cars wasn’t even moving anymore. They were parked along the Interstate with truck drivers having meetings on the pavement. It is our guess that the line was somewhere between 15-20 miles long. And more trucks were coming by the minute. Every bit of Interstate traffic coming out of Alabama got stopped then re-routed.
The main reason for Florida closing the I-10 was the 3mile long bridge/causeway across the Escambia Bay. The bridge was solidly frozen and Florida authorities deemed traffic across that bridge for too dangerous. We could see the long bridge from Hwy 90 and there was not a single vehicle on it.

It was the worst lineup I have ever seen. But now we made good speed towards Mississippi finally reaching Louisiana. But due to our slow start, we stopped driving at around 4:30 and parked at the Covington, LA Wally World. Just south of us we have Lake Ponchartrain and New Orleans. I-12 leads north along the lake, bypassing the big city.
DSC_0095 DSC_0097
Huge wetlands - a paradise for birds in Louisiana

Just now we learned that the Florida I-10 was re-opened around 3pm. People waiting at the bridge were furious against the police guarding the bridge.
Temperature here is gonna stay around 42F – a lot warmer than in Freeport where it will go down to 37F tonight.

Texas tomorrow!

Thanks for coming by!


  1. People may have been furious but had it not closed, there may have been many accidents that resulted. Who knows??? However, glad you're on your way and out of some of it at least.

  2. Welcome to Texas. San Antonio is looking at temperatures in the mid 70s for Friday and Saturday. Saturday has a 10% chance of drizzle. Sunday our temperatures drop again - 53 on Sunday, low of 35 - and Monday will be a high of 49. The temperatures here lately have more ups and downs than a rollercoaster.

    Where are you headed in Texas? I hope you have safe travels.


    1. Going to San Antonio, but only for the weekend before heading on to AZ.

  3. Oh My again ! You guys simply can't catch a break this Winter !!

  4. Slowly making you way west and hopefully you will find some much nicer weather. Love it there in Covnington area have spent many weeks over the years in Abita Springs.
    Enjoy San Antonio with the Alamo and Riverwalk.

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  6. The weathermen say the temperature is going to drop to extreme levels tonight.And everyone should check on the elderly and senile.Are you OK?

  7. Hope you made better time today (Saturday) and are soon in warmer country. Safe travels.


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