Tuesday, August 7, 2012

With my Feet in the Water

 It was a rather quiet day on Campobello. I finally did, what i should have done long time ago. But wouldn’t you know it that unpleasant things are procrastinated again and again. “Unpleasant” for me means plumbing or electrical work. I simply can’t stand either. But getting an electrician out here is next to impossible, unless you are willing to hand over an arm and a leg. And who wants that?
So we are pretty much forced to do everything ourselves. Of course we save a lot of money on that philosophy, but like I said I hate the work.

A year ago we had built a new entry on the front of the house. It fell together with the major porch and facade renovation.

We had finished everything outside, but indoors we have been looking against the bare studs. And before starting insulation and drywall work those electric wires have to be stretched. Receptacles and lamp fixtures indoors as outdoors have to be installed. No excuse there, Sir!

First task was to make sure the power was shut off on that circuit, So, armed with a flashlight I went into the basement for inspection of the breaker panel.
I found “porch” on position 11+12 which were the last breakers to the left. I flipped them over and went upstairs again.
Inspecting the old wire coming up from the basement, I found that parts of it were…hmmm condemnable to say the least. So here I needed to cut it, to make an extension with the new wire I had procured.
When the cutter reached the core of the wire I heard a hissing noise, a crack and the cut-off edge showed two black marks. Thanks God the cutter handles were insulated, So much for the breaker panel inscriptions. What kind of moron had been responsible for that?

However, the breaker was off NOW and I could actually be pretty happy that nothing bad had happened.
Over the course of a few morning hours I actually installed 2 receptacles and two lamp connectors. Not too bad if you think of it.

The afternoon, however, proved to be much more pleasant. We took Molly with us and went to the nice sandy beach at Herring Cove.  Since the sun was shining from a clear sky it was warm enough for me to take my shoes off and walk right into the surf of the Bay of Fundy. To my surprise the water wasn’t half as cold as I had expected it. When the cold hurts my feet it is too cold to stay in the water, but today it didn’t hurt at all. It was actually delightful enough for me to venture a bit deeper into the water. Aah--- nice.
So while we were walking along the beach I splashed along through the water, feeling an almost childish pleasure about it. What poor people who have never done it.

We finished the day with a great macaroni meal and a garden salad originating from Bea’s garden.

Thanks for coming by!


  1. nice beach..toes in the water and 'a@@' in the sand..my kind of day!..don't care much for electrical work or plumbing either!

  2. Jim is pretty good with electrical stuff but it scares me to death. So I make him double check and then triple check that everything is off before he works on it. Glad you didn't get hurt and no damage was done. Definitely a much better afternoon. And I'm so happy you got to let your inner child out at the beach. It's fun to do that some times.

  3. My nephew (a licensed Electrician) ruined a perfectly good set of side cutters of mine finding a hot circuit that way one time. Scared the bejeepers out of me, but he didn't mind. Like you said, at least then you KNOW that circuit is dead. Be mindful of the common wire on those light receptacles too, somebody just might flip a switch on ya.
    Good luck!


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