Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Oh those creative days…

While summer lasts we need to make use of the time. House-renos, garden work and the daily chores – it all needs to be taken care of. And already there is a slight touch of autumn in the crisp morning air. Sometimes  I wonder why days only have 24 hrs. Should’ve been much longer with no need to sleep.

Garden work is healthy
And as if that has to be proven we are now busy harvesting of what had been sown earlier this year. Peas we have had for days already and Bea puts them into our salads. More peas were coming off today, and while the tomatoes are still green the numbers are promising. Parsley, basil, dill weed – not to forget the fine lettuce  - all good stuff to make a fresh salad of.
DSC_0301-mi  DSC_0303-,i
And Renos going right along!
But Bea didn’t only do the garden. No Sir! She has also started to prime the rear wall of the house. We have been scraping off old paint there for days on end.

And I got the posts for the balcony railing mounted. Finally things are getting down around here.

And while it is still red-hot in the U.S. temps are wonderfully moderate her on Campobello. But around 10:30am the southern winds made the fog moving in over the island. Luckily, this time it mainly stayed over the southern edge and along the Lubec Narrows. So it didn’t get too bad right here.
Had a nice walk over to the Head Harbour Lightstation with a couple from Ohio this morning. It was their first experience of the North-East and they enjoyed it tremendously.
Thanks for dropping by!


  1. That paint job at the back looks to be a real beauty! Scraping old paint off is not a fun job.

    Nice to see you getting some nice veggies out of your garden.

  2. I have a couple green tomatoes on the branch. I sure hope they ripen soon or we'll be gone and the deer will get them.

  3. The garden is looking good. Is that rhubarb back in the corner? Haven't had rhubarb pie in years.


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