Wednesday, August 29, 2012

When the clear days come

DSC_0552 A slight breeze out of the north west is announcing that summer is slowly coming to an end. Apples are coming down, blackberries are ripening faster than I can pick them and gazing across the bay we can see so far, so far. From the east coast of the island the archipelago of the “Wolfes” are clearly standing out over the horizon. 

The young families with kids DSC_0410-mihave gone home - back to work and back to school. Instead the seniors are here now. Some are coming up just for the day, others spend a few days in a rented house. From the garden we get in tomatoes, beans, peas, and the lettuce is still giving off his delicious leaves.
We do quiet walks along lush forest trails. Mushrooms are sprouting up everywhere. I pick a few, take them home. Bea looks them up on the internet, they smell good and look good, but there is this last doubt….So I discard them. Maybe next time.

I was always fond of this time of the year. It lifts my spirits, it gives new energy and hope for the future. The heat of the summer is gone.

The eagles are teaching their young ones how to manage in the turbulences. From Friars Head we see a whole group of Bald Eagles, their white heads shining in the sun. One of the young ones is coming in right over our heads. The wing span --- huge. What a graceful flight.


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  1. Like you, I am always fond of this time of year as well. Couldn't agree more about it lifting spirits with new energies & hopes for the future.

  2. Great pictures. We are still waiting for some of the heat to fade, but still life is good:)

  3. I always like it too when the kids are back in school. It usually means there aren't a lot of people in the campgrounds, on the airplanes or very many other places either.

  4. I used to always dread the end of the Summer - not now though 'cause I'll be heading South again.


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