Sunday, August 5, 2012

FDR – Bridge 50 Years!

It turned out to be too good so it wasn’t true. The early sun, which I actually had enjoyed sitting in our garden chair and armed with my very first cup of coffee (almost a sacred ritual these days) disappeared behind a wet cover of thick fog at around 10am.
I was thinking of today’s planned celebrations at Mulholland Lighthouse. The FDR-Bridge turned 50 years today.
DSC_0234-mi     DSC_0246-mi
Now, I know that there are probably hundreds of bridges out there which turned 50 without anyone ever thinking of it. So what does make this FDR-Bridge so special?
As I have  mentioned several times earlier it has to do with the Roosevelt-presence on this island, and it sure has to do that this bridge connects two peaceful Nations and two small communities – Lubec, ME and Campobello Island, NB.
Being an island at the outskirts of Canada hasn’t always made for an easy living. Campobello Island is almost like a piece of no-mans-land, a place where Canada laws have been being upheld, but where American presence has put a stamp on society. A stamp that hasn’t always been well received by some oldtimers on the island. Yet, without that bridge Campobello Island might have been depopulated by now.
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Anyway, today was the day and it was going to be a foggy one. When we arrived at Mulholland Lighthouse at 2.00pm a nice crowd had gathered and vehicles were parked all along the road.
The Roosevelt Park had put up several tents (it was planned against the sun!) and chairs had been lined up row behind row.
First speaker was Campobello’s very own mayor, Stephen Smart.
Next was the Chairman of the Lubec Board of Selectmen Mr. William Daye.


Listening intently

Both National Anthems were sung by beautiful  Ms. Hollie Weaver, whose voice was just as beautiful as the little girl.
New Brunswick Minister of Heritage and Tourism The Honourable Mr. Trevor Holder was followed by Commissioner Mr. David Bernhardt from the Maine Department of Transportation who actually revealed plans about building a new bridge.

Franklin D. and Eleanor Roosevelt’s great-great Grandchildren Hays and Swiler Lindsley had the honour of unveiling a new interpretive panel about the bridge.

DSC_0259-miBut the “cream on the cake” was the speech of Mr. Christopher Roosevelt, grandson of the former President FDR, and Chairman of the Roosevelt Campobello International Park Commission, who pointed out that his grandfather was not only a great politician but also a humanitarian figure, something that isn’t necessarily the case with today’s political figures.

I think people loved that part of the speech. The main reason and object for this gathering, the bridge was mostly invisible as the fog was getting thicker. The fact that we also had a stiff breeze didn’t contribute much to peoples comfort.

Ms. Hollie Weaver and Christopher


When the big cakes were cut into, most people might have wished for a hot coffee rather than the cold drinks which were offered, but then again – it could have been hot as it was yesterday and the cold drinks would have been the right thing.


Christopher Roosevelt at his closing remarks

After all speeches were delivered and big chunks of the cake had disappeared we made for home, where we got warmed up with some hot coffee.


FDR – Cake

Thanks for following along!


  1. great tribute to a great American!..sure doesn't look like summer there!..more like a fall day!

  2. Too bad the weather let you down today . But still a nice celebration nonetheless.

  3. A fitting celebration for a great former U.S. President.


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