Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fly me to the Moon…

This 1954 song almost became reality in 1969 when Neil Alden Armstrong became the first man to set foot upon the moon. Since that glorious day humans have strived continuously to learn more about outer space. A new milestone was reached when the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter made a picture perfect landing on Mars sending an array of incredible pictures of a landscape that most of all resembles the Mohave Desert.
Mosaic of images in false color taken in mid-January 2012
It remains an open question whether mankind will ever be able to overcome the enormous distances to other planets in outer space. Since Mars has no livable atmosphere it is most unlikely that humans will ever spend extended periods of time on other planets.

So, unless regulations about population density will be put in place we will still see big cities growing like dangerous cancer cells. No chance that parts of earth’s population will be settling on Mars and the ladies will still have to dream about being flown to the moon.

Have a nice day on earth!


  1. All things considered there's no place I'd rather be there than here on earth:)

  2. Well, I for one certainly am not interested in moving to Mars. However, I also know that won't be an option in my lifetime.

  3. I, too, like this good old Earth. Heavens - I don't even want to go to Europe or Australia. Can't see me going to any distant planet. But I think it is incredible that we are able to send Curiosity to Mars and have it send pictures back to earth so rapidly.

  4. We could always take the route that China did. Most families are limited to 1 child. If they go over they get fined. Thus only the rich can have more than one. I think the limit is different if you live outside of the city in China.

    It seems that regulating the population has worked for them ;-^)

    1. Just what we need is more government regulations!

    2. I'm not any big fan of government regulations either, but when it comes to pop.density we have to admit that there is an ever-growing problem in the big cities. Because of people live so tight together, we have created enormous pollution problems. When I see what's going on in the big cities on a daily basis, I'm getting the creeps. It's not only an environmental problem, but also a problem security-wise. Let the power go out for some days, let the water pumps stop, Let ANYTHING stop for a while and people will go nuts over it. Less density will lead to a better society, to more good neighbourhoods, to less concentrated commuting to alot less traffic problems. But I guess that regulation will never come, because it is too difficult to achieve.

    3. I guess what I'm trying to sarcastically point out is that more regulation is never going to solve this problem.

  5. I can see it now. Motorhomes, fibers etc all made to tour Mars! What an interesting concept. For me, I'll take good ole earth.


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