Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Did I get across the border?

When I checked my passport this morning it looked like it was 25 years old, but at least the paper was kind of stiff if not really crisp.
I stuck it into my shirt pocket and off I went. 4 people had announced their arrival south of the border at the boat ramp and needed transportation to Campobello. So at the U.S. customs I asked the officer that if he wondered about the sudden change in appearance of my passport it was the result of my wife washing my shirt with the passport inside the shirt pocket.
Likewise I had a similar conversation on the Canadian side. Matter of fact the customs lady laughed  so her windows were vibrating.

After 5 more people had joined in on the sightseeing party, we spent most of this extraordinary beautiful day rolling from one viewpoint to the next. Amazingly, I again was invited for lunch to a restaurant. If we include the private invitation from a neighbour on Monday night, this was the third day for me not eating at home.

I’m getting used to it.

That’ll be all for tonight. I have to get my printer to work. We are out of brochures.

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  1. Happy day - you got across the border and also entertained the customs agents. Nice of your tourists to take you to lunch. You could definitely get used to that.

  2. Great that you were able to do the border rossing with no problems, and having your paying customers take you for lunch as well, good deal.


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