Thursday, August 16, 2012

Those foggy Days

Several days with fog makes PETER feeling down. Whenever I look out of the window (especially early in the morning) I look into  a grey soup. The moist warm air from the south keeps coming up, hitting the cold waters of the Bay of Fundy, producing fog. And yet we are so fortunate that we are living on the west side of the island, away from the Bay of Fundy. Over there fog is much more prevailing than here.


Over the last years we never had so many days with fog. Guess we were spoiled.

But yesterday I made a discovery. What is black and ripe for picking?



Nope, I’m not talking about those ugly phones, but the very delicious soft and sweet berries with the UGLY SHARP thorns. Of course I had to run for a container and started picking.

Well, I was in shorts and short sleeves --- not good. A knights armor would have been more fitting. But then--- the reward was a great dessert – blackberries with a little bit of sugar and a dash of sour cream on top. Wow!

And the best of it all is that we have a GREAT harvest coming. In fact this years blackberries are plentiful as I have never seen it before.



A big yellow blob was showing on the weather map. It was moving up from the south and it would hit Campobello in the afternoon.

And it did!

We discussed weather I should actually go down to the park to see whether sightseeing-interested customers would show up. On the off-chance that that was the case I was off with the van to the Roosevelt Park. When I got to my usual stop place I saw 2 figures sitting under the canopy just like they were waiting for the bus to pick them up. I got out and asked them whether they were actually tour-bound.

“Oh yes”, they were indeed expecting a tour. So I took them on. It was already raining and I knew it would get worse later during the afternoon. Nevertheless these folks were determined to enjoy themselves. Most we could see from our usual viewpoints was fog and rain. But I guess the stories I could tell build up their ability to imagine things and that was all they wanted.

At the Head Harbour Lightstation we experienced a driving rain which made every attempt to take pictures impossible. A sailboat out on the bay was fighting with the elements while the storm was beating up whitecaps around them. In spite of the inclement weather 5-6 vehicles were in the parking lot and people were getting ready to walk over to the lighthouse. It was low tide and over the next 4hrs people would have the opportunity to experience the old buildings on that rocky island.

However, we were heading back south and after a little loop through Welshpool I dropped my guests off at the visitor centre.


I was cold and wet when I got back into Bea’s kitchen and the first thing I needed was a steamin’ hot coffee and a few of her cookies.


Thanks for looking!



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  1. First, those cookies look delicious!

    Nothing like fresh blackberries - ours are just ripening here as well.


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