Sunday, August 12, 2012


I was coming back from a busy day on Island roads, just turning into our driveway, when I saw an unknown rig sitting right behind our motorhome.
Older Class B Dodge Camper. Ha…?  When I got out I saw Bea sitting inside.
Who in the world was this? 

The surprise was complete when I realized the other two people were our friends Ron and Betty from Manitoulin Island, ON. And now I remembered that they had spoken about going up to Newfoundland this summer. So here they were. Ready to go onto “Da Rock”.
Ron and Betty had purchased this camper for summer trips. Their big rig was still parked at home. They had decided to drop in on Campobello to surprise us. Mission achieved!

So, of course, we spend the evening talking.

Saturday was a drab day with fog and rain and after a tour across the island, where Ron was part of it we spent the afternoon with more talking. Would we all be gathering in the south again? The desert was waiting!

But meanwhile there was still so much to do.

The east wall of the house has to be painted again, more old paint removed, more painting. What weather will we have this fall?
Summer is already narrowing down to shorter days. We are thinking of harvest, of earlier sunsets and of longer evenings.

This morning, our friends left by way of ferry to explore the rest of the Maritimes and Newfoundland. We hope they will have some nice weather. They plan to visit the French islands St. Miquelon and St.Pierre and maybe even Labrador.
They left in a thick fog. Good Bye and hope we’ll see you in California again.
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Thanks for looking in on us!


  1. Love those fun surprises. But you guys really did have some fog. The desert is certainly calling me except for the fact that it is still 115 down that way.

  2. Have to like those misty mornings now & again. Had an older Dodge camper van similar to your friends years ago but their's is in much better shape than mine was. Kinda nice sailing off into the fog like that..............

  3. There's still plenty of summer left to explore the area. It's fun having surprise visitors.

  4. St. Pierre and Miquelon must be an interesting place to visit. That sure is some heavy fog.


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