Tuesday, June 12, 2012

When nothing special happens…

When nothing special has happened there is nothing special to write about. Or is there?
Today was what I would call a very regular day, and yet there was something which wasn’t quite regular, unless you count something going wrong a regular happening. After breakfast I decided to put up the new ceiling sheets in our upper hallway. I intended to use the same white hard-board I had used for the wainscot. The white colour would help making the hallway brighter.

I measured and cut and measured and cut and finally we were ready to fasten the sheet under the ceiling. With my nailer I went along the outer edges putting about 2 inch between the nails. However, my nails didn’t get any hold in the underground – nothing nada. The hard-board didn’t stay up. Like anywhere else in the house the ceiling was plaster and apparently there was a gap along the wood construction underneath and right along the walls.

After pondering about it for a while, I figured that the only way I could keep it in place was by way of putting moldings along the wall, and nailing those into the walls. Trouble was I had to make them first. So out I went and into my carpenter shop. Pretty soon one could hear the sound of a table saw and a router cutting up the still air of a beautiful morning.

They are still resting on a table after I applied a priming coat to them. Hopefully I’ll get the whole thing together tomorrow.

I also received an email from the village of Bath, saying that the problem with the Traction control in the van was found and that the part for it would be in tomorrow. With just a little bit of luck we might be able to pick up the van on Thursday.
And that was all what has happened today. Told ya--- it was a regular day!

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  1. Most days are just regular days! At least it wasn't a bad day haha.

  2. I've about decided that if we have a day where everything goes as planned, it is a very special day. Regular days happen way more often than special days. Hope you get that van before too long. How is Molly smelling these days?

  3. Always something to write about if a person has the interest, imagination, & desire to write. Even white hard board, a nailer, & home made mouldings can make for a story:))

  4. So many things can make up a short story, and that's what you did. Good solution to the white board problem.

  5. It's always amazing what one can run across when doing even a small house improvement. The trick is to come up with a good solution and I think the moulding idea is a good one. Good luck with nailing it to the wall.


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