Saturday, June 23, 2012

Oh-Oh it’s raining…

Thunder was rolling this morning and dark clouds had settled over Campobello. In fact we had a heavy fog as well. Pretty soon it also started raining and all plans for further tours with our Norwegian guests were scrapped.

So, what could we do other than planning food preparations? Since Norwegians are people who like to eat seafood we decided to get lobster for supper.

We called a restaurant in Lubec and ordered fresh cooked Maine lobster.

At the restaurant we had to wait 30 minutes for the lobsters being ready, in fact we could chose the ones we would like to have out of tank. Four lobsters were chosen and while we waited three of us had a haddock chowder and we all got coffee.

DSC_0114-mi  DSC_0111-mi

The day stayed rainy so we did not move outside more than necessary. Late afternoon Bea started in the kitchen, making a mayonnaise sauce 50/50 with sour cream and the juice of one lemon, salt and dill.

It turned out to be a wonderful meal with friends which will be remembered a long time.


Even Molly had a heck of a good time.

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  1. Oh man does that lobster look delicious!!!!

  2. that lobster is making me drool :) Lots of rain here too..!!

  3. Do you need the address to ship all those extra lobsters to? That wasn't fair to tempt us with those lobsters!! We've had more than our fair share of rain. It's time someone else got it instead of us.

  4. Never cared much for Lobster but I do like your Poppy picture:))

  5. Oh yeah fresh Maine lobster, its been so long, gotta get back there soon!

  6. Great looking dinner with friends. Hope the weather clears up so you can tour around the Island in sunshine.

  7. You guys ate like royalty!.. What a great meal. So glad you are able to enjoy your time with your friends. That is so important.


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