Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mit 66 Jahren da fängt das Leben an..

 Alright, you can’t read that, or maybe read it but not understand it. It’s in German, because that was how the song was named. It means that at 66 years life is starting.
It was sung by a Norwegian girl/lady who became famous first in Germany after winning a song contest in Oslo, Norway. Her name is Wenche Myhre. Just in case you should happen to meet her one day. Then you can say “nice meeting you Ms. Myhre. I’ve read a lot about you. Always pleases a person to hear that, you know.

But I’m not gonna write a whole lot about Wenche Myhre. You can look her up on Wikipedia. Quite a good looking gal, by the way. Of course, she’s born in 1947. That means she is 5 years my senior. So she has one more year, before life is starting for her.

I wonder what she thinks of that song today. But for some people retiring at that age the story might prove true. Though it’s kind of sad. Think about it. You have strived for 40+ years to make a living, raised the kids, tried to be an upstanding citizen and finally, at 66yrs you find out, life has not been kind to you and you finally get around to start your life. For another 10-15 years. Nobody would say my life started when I got 80! Alright, being 66 you can still travel to the south in the winter. Your eyes may get a bit weak but you can still see what’s coming at you. So you buy that nice RV and get going. Hallelujah… Life on the road. Lets have fun!

OK, it’s nearing 6:00am. gotta go. I have a long ride today. Take care!
See you when I’m back.


  1. I hab immer gedacht, das Leben fängt mit 55 an! (Oder moment, wie alt bin ich jetzt? Doch! 55.)

    Hm, my spell-check sure doesn't like German, and Umlauts are kind tough without the proper keyboard.

  2. Well, I suppose it should be "Umlaute", but let's not split hairs.

  3. Are you saying that we haven't start to live yet and life will only get better when we turn 66? Here's hoping that's going to happen because it sure is good now!

  4. Wow just staring at 66, I am soo looking forward to that and here I thought it couldn't get any better ! Mind you I am not in hurry to get that old, enjoying one day a time right now works for us.

  5. I retired when I was 55 and my life has been pretty darned good since then. I hardly even noticed turning 66 a few years ago!

  6. Well, that's still some years down the road.
    Maybe it was too early in the morning when you wrote that, and you were still half asleep.
    It was not Wencke who sung that song but Udo Jürgens. (''... I' ll buy myself e wanted a motor bike and race around through the world..".)
    None the less we have started the good live already, don't worry.
    There will be cake tomorrow!


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